Healthy Brain

Healthy Brain

Did you know our brains shrink as we get older? The human brain begins to lose memory and cognitive skills by your late 20s, but there are ways you can train your brain and keep it active!

It’s the Year of Living Well, and this month we’ll be looking at ways to keep our brain healthy and functioning.

Our brains are really busy- they have three main jobs:

  • Managing all the things your body does automatically, like breathing
  • Managing our motor functions, such as moving, balancing and speaking
  • Producing our thoughts, memories and emotions

Check out our 2024 Journal for some brain training games and teasers, as well as information about activities you can do at your service to stimulate your brain and maintain healthy brain functioning.

Want to try out a healthy brain activity with us this month? Keep an eye out for our Zoom session where you can join us for a Mindfulness Colouring session!

The 13th May is Dementia Action Week, which is a campaign ran by the Alzheimer’s Society. You can find more information in the Journal or by visiting