Poem by Sarah S, Volunteer – March 2023

I wish I could see fairness among people
A society in which everybody is equal
Free from prejudice and discrimination
Free from animosity free from hatred
My heart is who I am no diagnoses or labels
Not mentally ill nor physically disabled
Colour of your skin your religious beliefs
All irrelevant rather it’s what lies beneath
For the first time in my life Living with contentment
Bidding farewell to bitterness and resentment
Wearing a smile surviving every trial
Learning life’s lessons every footstep every mile


International Women’s Day Open Mic Night Poetry

On the 7th March, we had an Open Mic Night at Creative Together to celebrate International Women’s Day.We had three poems read aloud by Carolyn, Barbara and Sarah, and we would like to share some of the inspirational and talented writing with you today.


Write What You See- Poetry Workshop by Sarah

Sarah, our volunteer at Creative Together who is visually impaired, ran an amazing poetry session in January. She talked about imagery, and how to put words together to represent this. Sarah talked about our voice, and how to find and express it by piecing together words cut out from newspapers.


Well, what can we say? – By Carolyn McLean

Carolyn shared with us her writing piece, following the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Although she hadn’t originally prepared to peform, she was encouraged by her friends at the centre to share her words at The Big Event on the 10th September. We were all truly touched by Carolyn’s piece, and it felt right to be able to honour our Queen at the event, which took place soon after the news.


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