International Women’s Day Open Mic Night

International Women’s Day Open Mic Night

On the 7th March, we had an Open Mic Night at Creative Together to celebrate International Women’s Day. We would like to thank every single person who joined on the night, who were supportive of the theme and welcoming people who visited for the first time.

We had three poems read out, and we would like to share some of the inspirational and talented writing with you today.

Sarah wrote a moving poem about how you only need one human being to believe in you to make a difference in your life. Just one person by your side can feel like you have an army fighting your corner. The audience was silent. You could hear a pin drop. By the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We hope that you have someone worthy of these beautiful words in your life:

Side by side

What does it mean to call someone your friend
Someone upon whom you know you can depend
No need to pretend
To be somebody else their hand is always there to lend
No judgement a supportive arm so often extends
Always by your side through triumphs and tough times
Your story never bores despite repeated rewind
Never far from the end of the telephone line
I know that a place in your mind is mine
Proud of who you are proud of what you do
Grateful that your friendship is sealed like glue
Their presence turns a overcast sky to perfect blue
When you’re drowning in quicksand they somehow set you free
They make the world a more bearable place to be

When you feel like the end of your tether is near
They are a handkerchief that dries your tears
Share the load from your shoulders and hear your fears

Never embarrassed to be the person I am
When I start to doubt myself They always tell me I can
No blame no shame
I know their love will remain

Due to them some positivity is flowing through my veins

Thank you 2 tiny words with the greatest meaning
Spoken with truth and the Deepest feeling

– Sarah Strutt

Barbara had never been to an open mic before. Her friend Carole, who was the compere, invited her. Barbara told us a very moving story about how she was forced to retire from her beloved job at 60. She woke on the day of her milestone birthday and felt invisible and useless all at once. She couldn’t believe how in just one day she had become surplus to requirements. All that experience and enthusiasm gone.

Barbara was desperate to find something to do and auditioned for a theatre show. She got a part and the cast consisted of two halves. One half older, and one younger, and at breaks they would always sit on opposite sides of the room – until one day the younger cast members started to migrate over to the rowdy side! As a result of this and new intergenerational friendships, Barbara wrote the following poem, and it has been hidden away in her drawer for over sixteen years. We are delighted she shared it with us. Thank you Barbara!

Carolyn, who is a regular at the centre, wrote her poem specially for 2023.