Community Connections 2023

Community Connections 2023

We are very excited to launch our theme for this year, which is all about community connections and the many different ways they touch our lives.

Throughout the year, we will be taking a look at what community connections mean to you in all the shapes and forms they take. Every month will look at a different aspect of connection, from the services and businesses in your area, to accessibility in communities, and the connections you have to the closest people in your lives. Your connections to the people and places around you are so important, and it’s something we all learned more about during the pandemic. Now, in the months and years following the height of the pandemic, we are taking a deeper look at these meaningful connections, and encouraging people to learn and be more involved in your communities.

Community connection means something different to each of us. You might think of your favourite local coffee shop, your online friends, or the events you like to attend with your loved ones, or all of the above! Because community connections are so wonderfully diverse, throughout the year we will be looking at a different theme or element of connection and taking a deeper dive into what they mean to us as individuals.

You can find this year’s Community Connections-themed ‘What’s On Guide‘ on the link here. Every month we’ll be looking at different elements of communities, and how we can get the most out of them.

To go alongside the ‘What’s On Guide’, you can find our ‘Festivals Fiesta’ poster on the link here, which highlights a range of different cultural, arts, music, festivals across the country this year. If you know of any festivals near you which haven’t been included, please let us know via as we would love to share more of the wonderful goings on to keep more people in the know.

To keep track of everything going on this year, we have also created a Journal, which you can download on the link here. This interactive journal will guide you through the year and help you think more deeply about the themes and how they apply to your life. We will be printing these and sending them out to services soon, but you can also download and print a copy for now if you don’t want to wait!

Keep your eyes peeled on this page and on our social media for more details on Community Connections throughout the year, and remember we always love hearing from you and seeing what you get up to so keep us in mind for pictures and stories by emailing The Communications Team via

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