World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day is observed annually on the first of February, as a way for people to learn about the significance of the hijab in the lives of Muslim women. Our EDI Lead Kizzy had the privilege of conducting a brief interview with some of our staff members, providing insights into the cultural and personal aspects of wearing the hijab.

Hajara Khatun, Bank Staff Advisor

What do you love about your Hijab?

Hijab is my way of showing that I can be modest and comfortable, express my faith and look beautiful all at once! I love how it has become a whole fashion industry, as hijab doesn’t just refer to the material worn on our heads, rather the whole modest outerwear’.

What makes you proud of your Hijab?

Strong respected influential people like Malala Yousafzai wear the hijab’.

Can you teach us something we might not know about Hijabs or Islam? 

‘It’s a misconception that all Muslim women are forced to wear it, this isn’t true, it’s an individual’s choice and most of the time women who do wear it do so as a proud statement of their faith and is determined by their own relationship with (Allah) God’. 

Do you have any fun facts about your Hijab?

‘Fun facts: it is useful on bad hair days; there are different ways to tie it, this changes on personal preference, material, occasion etc; it doesn’t get worn to bed (shocker!)’

 Have you experienced any barriers to wearing your Hijab at work?

‘My work environment at Head Office has never expressed any barriers to my hijab, I have been asked if I’m feeling hot in the summer though! The answer is no by the way because the material is only thin and it keeps my ears warm in the winter!’

Do you have a favourite colour or material? 

‘I don’t have a particularly favourite colour, but if I had to choose it would be black, just like most other clothing, it matches with everything! I like to match my hijab colours to my outfits, and my favourite material is anything that is quick and easy to wrap around when I’m running out the door to work!’