World Autism Acceptance Week ‘23

World Autism Acceptance Week ‘23

This week marks World Autism Acceptance Week, an opportunity for people to come together and support and celebrate our autistic family members, friends, and colleagues.

This year’s theme is all about colour, and celebrating the beauty of every part of the spectrum. Autism is classed as a ‘spectrum’ disorder, meaning that it can present differently in individuals. Autism is also part of the ‘neurodivergent’ spectrum, which includes other conditions or disorders such as ADHD, dyspraxia, and OCD. You can find out more about this year’s theme and how to get colourful on the link here.

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Week is a great way to lend your ear and spend time learning more about how we can better support people with autism every single day. We’ve shared many stories from our staff and the people we support, and we hope you can spend a moment having a read of them below:

  • Autism and Me; Social Skills

  • Neurodiversity and Being LGBTQ+

  • Autism Acceptance Month; The Journey

  • Celebrating Diversity; Autism Month