Sponsoring Stockport Pride

Sponsoring Stockport Pride

We were so proud to be this year’s Headline Sponsor of Stockport Pride! Around 25 staff and people we support from across Greater Manchester and Warrington came together last Sunday for a fabulous day filled with joy and unity.

We had a great time leading the parade across the town centre and manning our stall to showcase the creativity and talent of the people we support, as well as give away some merch goodies.

Carolyn who attends our Creative Together centre in Manchester wrote a fantastic poem in celebration of the meaning of Pride. “It’s special to see people be themselves,” said Carolyn. “I’ve enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to know them better, and I love the atmosphere.”

L-R Carolyn, Chris and Sara from Creative Together

Sara, who also attends the Creative Together centre, said “Pride means being strong in yourself and other people. I love coming to Creative Support events with my friends, and I love being able to help the LGBTQ+ community. Pride makes me feel alive.”

An individual we support in Tameside last visited Stockport Pride 10 years ago, and they were so excited to make their return. “This is probably the 9th Pride I’ve been to, and I’m going to go to as many as I can this year,” they said.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along and made this such a special day- we can’t wait for next year!

Want to attend a Pride event local to you? Visit the links below to find your nearest celebration!

Manchester boroughs

Across the UK

Read Carolyn’s poem below:

Stockport Pride 

Stockport Pride

What’s it all about

Tribute also to Martyn Hett

Killed during Manchester arena bombing

First ever festival 2017 Stockport Pride

In his memory

Life is for living

However we choose to live it

People should be allowed to be themselves

Express themselves in any way

Shape + form

Pride offers lots of expressive people

Very colourful + joyful

Lots of fun to be had on the way

By all who choose to join in

Never be afraid to show your own

Personality, unique

We are all individuals

Have a lot to offer to all

No matter our gender

So let’s be ourselves

+ Play our own part in life

Be proud of who you are

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