Safer Internet Day – Download our Going Digital Guide

Safer Internet Day – Download our Going Digital Guide

Today marks #SaferInternetDay, which aims to kickstart conversations about using technology safely and responsibly.

Lots of us have had to use digital technology to connect with loved ones over the pandemic, but some have found it easier to get to grips with than others. To help those who have found using smartphones, laptops, or tablets a bit confusing, we’ve updated our handy Going Digital Guide, filled with information we hope you’ll find useful!

In this guide you will find information on:

  • How to get started online
  • Ways to stay connected
  • Information on keeping safe online

We have also included interviews with people we support who have shared their experiences of going digital.

Paul in Calderderdale spoke to us about his digital journey, and said: “I set myself a goal to improve my skills online, which I’m keeping up with.”

Debra, a Support Worker at his service, said that “technology has been a godsend to Paul as he’s been able to communicate with his friends and family throughout the pandemic. He also met his girlfriend online on a website which people from different services use, which was so lovely.”

Check out Paul’s interview and more in the updated Going Digital Guide

Click here to download the Going Digital Guide