Relief Staff Members – COVID-19 Vaccination Claim Form

Relief Staff Members – COVID-19 Vaccination Claim Form

Given the rising national and global death toll and the far-reaching health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Creative Support is strongly encouraged by the public health case for mass vaccination against COVID-19 and we want to play our part. We are passionate in trying to do all we can to keep you, and the vulnerable service users we support, safe.

The COVID-19 vaccination will reduce the chance of you suffering from the COVID-19 disease and is administrated over a course of two injections over two appointments. Please ensure you attend both of these appointments to give you the best protection. In order to convey our full commitment to the COVID-19 vaccination programme and as a thank you to you for making the effort to protect our vulnerable service users, your colleagues, staff and their families we will give each staff member who completes the vaccination programme a payment of £50.00 for the first vaccination and £50.00 for the second vaccination. We are delighted to confirm that we will be paying £50.00 for the booster (3rd) vaccination for any relief workers who have worked at least one shift 6 weeks prior to the date you submit the details & evidence of your booster dose. This will be paid via payroll and subject to the usual tax and National Insurance deductions.

Please complete the below in order to be processed for this payment. By completing this form you also consent for Creative Support to retain your vaccine record dates for monitoring purposes.

For anybody who wishes to forgo the vaccination payment Creative Support will make a one off £100.00 donation to a UK based COVID-19 related registered charity who are committed to helping those severely impacted by the pandemic. If you would prefer you can chose a specific registered charity that you would like Creative Support to make the donation to.

Proof of Vaccination Status Guide (V3) – PLEASE READ