Move and Act Campaign – A Guide to Understanding Constipation

Move and Act Campaign – A Guide to Understanding Constipation

Poster with information about constipation, symptoms and ways to respond

Constipation is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. It involves an individual not passing stools regularly or being unable to completely empty their bowels. Constipation may not be considered by many to be a particularly worrying health problem. However, chronic untreated constipation can be very serious and even fatal.

It is every staff member’s responsibility to have awareness of the signs, causes and how to escalate serious cases of constipation.


Move & Act Resources

Move & Act Campaign Poster (please print and display in staff areas)

Move and Act Information Sheet_UPDATED JUN22

Constipation Guidance

Bowel Monitoring Record



Other Useful Resources

NHS Guidance

Poo Matters – Information for Health Professionals

Poo Matters – Information for Families and Carers

Trouble pooing – Top Tips for Healthy pooing – Easy Read

NHS Guidance – Constipation and people with learning disabilities

Handy Fact Sheet (highlights) Clozapine and constipation

Clozaphine tablets – How to Take – Easy Read


Reviews and Publications

NHS – Learning from lives and deaths – People with a learning disability and autistic people (LeDeR): Action from Learning Publication

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme – Learning into Action Bulletin 

Bladder and Bowel UK – Understanding constipation in people with learning difficulties – the importance of identification and treatment