Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

We’re coming to the end of the year, and it’s time to start reflecting on how our yearly theme ‘Community Connections’ has been going for you. From Friends and Family Connections in January, to Festival Fiesta in August, there have been so many ways to learn about venturing into your community and learning new things.

October’s Journal theme is ‘Meaningful Connections’- what kind of connections mean the most to you? Which ones have you got the most out of?

It could be your connections with family, the people you live with, people you know online, or other people in your community. Do you see these people often, or are you happy to only see them every now and then and have a proper catch-up?

Make sure to keep up with your Journal and learn more about different kinds of connections and fill in our activities. Think back to January and see whether your circle of connections has changed- what does it look like now?

Let us know all about your meaningful connections by getting in touch either through our social media or by emailing