Creative Together’s ‘Magickal’ Exhibition

Creative Together’s ‘Magickal’ Exhibition

Last Friday, Creative Together held their ‘Making Magick’ art exhibition, showcasing tarot-inspired and dragon-themed artwork.

With hand-painted decorative lanterns on the ceiling and a showstopping wall-to-floor length mural of two fierce dragons, the room was bursting with creativity. There were plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and create something magical, with activity tables on setting your intentions, making your own tarot cards and working together to create a collaborative piece of artwork.

Prolific artist and centre member IB spent three weeks creating the incredible dragon mural with the help of members Chris and Brendan. “It’s been really good seeing it all come together, and there was a lot of hard work done by everyone,” said IB. “I’m a self-taught artist. It’s just things I’ve learnt over the years from school and from practicing at home. Originally I used to do surrealism, and then moved to abstract artwork in lockdown.” IB also leads his own art group at the centre on a Tuesday morning, encouraging members to explore surrealism and expand their skills.

Creative Together member Kim gave readings to curious visitors, offering a glimpse into the future and helping people connect on a spiritual level. Kim’s services didn’t stop there, as she also offered comissioned portraits on canvas- what a talent! We chatted with Kim about her tarot readings, which were a hit with visitors. “I hadn’t done it for a while so I was a bit nervous getting back into it, but it’s come back to me quick!” said Kim. “My readings are to help people, and I think it’s helped me a lot too. If you can help someone and make them feel good, I feel the energy come back to me. That’s what I like about it.”

Lauren Norton, Coproduction Development Worker, explains a bit more about how the idea for the exhibition came about. “Our artists have spent the first half of the year exploring folklore and mythologies from different cultures, and weaving what they’ve learnt into various art and textiles projects,” she said.

The exhibition serves as just a taster of what the Creative Together centre and its talented members have to offer. For more information, visit their web page and keep an eye out for news about their coproduced Music Festival coming in July.