Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

As we come into the New Year, many of us think about what positive changes we can bring into our lives, and if we can start any ‘Healthy Habits’. 

A habit is something we do regularly as part of a daily, weekly or monthly routine. We all have habits, good and bad, and we can all form new habits that help us to improve our health and wellbeing. Good habits can be exercising a few times a week or going to sleep early every night. Some of us might have habits we’d like to change, such as cutting down on smoking or the amount of alcohol we drink.

Changing habits or building new ones can seem a bit daunting, but making little changes will lead to a big difference!


Healthy Habit Highlight

“Hi I’m Carolyn. I have been going to a new keep-fit class every week. I’ve really enjoyed going, not only to improve my fitness but to spend time socialising with the other people who attend.” – Carolyn from Calderdale


Start simple!

Think of a few small things you can regularly incorporate into your daily routine. If you need some inspiration, you could try:

  • Going to bed half an hour earlier
  • Drinking more water
  • Reducing alcohol, smoking or sugar intake
  • Going outside for a small walk

If you plan to start a new habit, or you’ve started one recently, let us know by emailing!