Festive Roundup!

Festive Roundup!

All across the country, services decked the halls and rocked around the Christmas tree, truly getting into the festive spirit. From sparkling decorations, to seeing Santa, to even having a trip on the Polar Express, Santa Claus certainly came to town across Creative Support! Check out our Festive Roundup below for all of the highlights.



Folks in Bedford held their dazzling Winter Sparkle Ball, where around 90 people attended from all 11 Bedford services! Using funds raised by their summer Festival Fiesta, the Bedford team pulled out all the stops to make it a night to remember. Everyone dressed in their Christmas best to get together and celebrate, making memories to last a lifetime.

The staff pulled out all the stops to engage local businesses to donate prizes for their raffle, including hampers and spa sessions! There were also prizes donated by Brewpoint, Tesco, Creams Cafe, Kels Belles Beauty and our dedicated staff, making it a wonderful event and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

Truly showstopping!



Muzzy in Burnley dazzled us with his festive display, complete with lights, baubles, a mini Christmas tree, and adorable snowy scene.

“I was inspired to put up decorations, its exciting and Christmas is on its way,” said Muzzy.



Over in Northampton, they celebrated their annual Christmas party with their biggest turnout ever! With over 60 people attending, a three-course meal and a disco at the local snooker club, they had service users from Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden and Raunds come together to celebrate.

“Our amazing Support Coordinator Rachael Anderson took the time to arrange such a wonderful event and we had so many amazing outcomes and wonderful feedback,” said Elizabeth, Registered Area Manager. “Everyone enjoyed the evening- what a wonderful night celebrated by all.”

Greater Manchester


Helen the Elf and staff members Claire, Natasha and Yollande transformed their service into a magical candy land, with their show-stopping Christmas tree towering over a sugary-sweet mantlepiece display. Pure magic!

“I had a nice Christmas with my dad and sisters. I got lots of gifts, like a Harry Potter hoodie, makeup and a face mask,” said Helen.


On Christmas Day, Gerard, Michael, Phil and Faraz enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch together, pulling crackers and getting into the spirit. Dressed in their Christmas best, there were plenty of festive jumpers, elf outfits, Santa hats and more! Faraz was over the moon he had been gifted a tie in his favourite colour, yellow. His gift made him so jolly he spent most of the day laughing at saying “ho ho ho!”

Phil loved his new Manchester United calendar, and Michael was very happy to receive a huge Toblerone, which is his favourite chocolate. A classic! Gerard can’t wait to play his new Barry Manilow CDs, and Jake was so pleased to get some brand new sensory activities from his grandparents.

“Everyone spent time with each other watching Christmas films in the lounge, it really was a lovely day for all!” said Maria, Support Worker.



Folks in Swinton were very busy in the run-up to Christmas, with daily walks through the autumn leaves, a day trip to Blackpool, birthday celebrations and more! Staff supported one individual to move into her flat and put up the Christmas tree to make it feel more like home.


Everyone had fun at their annual Christmas party, with Christmas bingo, food and of course plenty of fun! They now have their own resident bingo caller, Linda, who calls the numbers every year. Linda said that she is asked every year to call bingo, and she loves seeing everyone have a great time and having a laugh!



Graham hopped aboard the famous Polar Expess, where he wore matching pjs with staff member Kara. Before the trip, the pair watched the Polar Express film to get into the Christmas spirit, and Graham said he’d love to ride the train one day.

Kara was determined to make his dreams a reality, and Kara found that you can ride the Polar Express in Skipton. She arranged the trip so they could experience the magic for real- it looks fantastic!


Over at another service, they held an ‘Elf Day’ to raise money for Alzheimer’s UK. Support Worker Wendy is a part-time baker, and whipped up these unbelievable cakes to celebrate- we’re a big fan of the ‘We Care’! Manager Shula played games with the tenants and everyone had a few cheeky photos in their elf outfits. Overall they raised £67 with their bake sale- well done everyone!



Over in Bury, everyone had a splendid Christmas, enjoying a cracking roast dinner and great times with friends! Check out their festive selfies, complete with silver paper hats from their crackers. With a stunning red table setting, matching red cups and glittering Christmas tree behind them, everyone enjoyed tucking in to their delicious lunch.


West Midlands


Emma in Sandwell was supported by Nana to decorate the office ready for Christmas! Emma enjoyed decorating the tree, and support worker Rachel also got to work creating an adorable snow display on the window. Fantastic work Emma, you’ve certainly decked the (office) halls!

“I enjoyed being at the office and helping out,” said Emma.




Carl, Derek and Ian in Staffordshire hopped on the Santa Train and had a magical time! From meeting Santa himself to waving hello to his jolly elves, everyone was all smiles. Santa even told them they were on the nice list after working so hard this year. What fun!



Dudley have had plenty of festive activities this month. Ben, Lewis and Laura went to a Christmas event at the Black Country Living Museum, where they met Santa, ate chips and enjoyed the historical surroundings of the museum. What a perfect day!

Aneesa and Richard visited the Christmas markets in Birmingham, having a mooch around at all the different crafts and festive nibbles on offer. They both enjoyed having a nice meal, hot drinks and mulled wine! They explored various cultural foods and had a lovely time seeing the decorations and shopping at the Bullring.

“They had a great time and got to enjoy each other’s company. They made the most of the day, even though it was rainy and cold!” said Sonum, Senior Support Worker.


Everyone had a holly jolly good time at their Christmas party, with mountains of food, arts and crafts, and lots of festive Christmas jumpers! What’s more, they even met the man in red himself, getting plenty of photo opportunities.

“Fairy lights on winters nights. Tis the season to sparkle. Sugar and spice makes Christmas nice. Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling. Gifts that make memories,” said Aimee, Senior Support Worker.


Tracey had a lovely time opening all of her gifts on Christmas Day, and she was very pleased with her new DVDs! Brett had delicious Christmas lunch with his support staff, and enjoyed a cosy evening watching Christmas films. To get even more into the spirit, he baked and decorated a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies for everyone to enjoy!

“Brett had a day full of joy and fun at Christmas and received a present from Santa,” said Sonum, Senior Support Worker.

Jason had his brother round for Christmas dinner, and had an amazing day spending time with family and eating delicious food- that’s what Christmas is all about!

“Jason liked his present from Santa and can’t wait for the New Year to begin!” said Sonum.

On Boxing Day, the tenants at one service all got together to enjoy tasty buffet food and great music. It wasn’t long before people got up for a dance, and everyone had a day filled with fun, laughter and great times with friends!


North East Lincolnshire


Grimsby have been non-stop celebrating all festive season! First, Carol had a lovely day out at the garden center with support worker Ellen, where she stopped for a slice of cheesecake. The night before, Ellen and Carol drove around the local village to check out everyone’s spectacular Christmas lights.

“The best part of my day was seeing the sparkling lights and Christmas trees at the garden centre!” said Carol.

Carol’s festive adventures don’t stop there, as after her weekly ice-skating lesson she stopped by Costa for a treat. She had a brie and cranberry toastie, hot chocolate and slice of cake- delicious!

“Carol’s favourite time of the year is Christmas, and she had lots of fun seeing the decorations in town after ice-skating,” said Ellen.

Next, Charlotte, Carol and Jordan in Grimsby enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal at their local pub with staff Charlene, Steve and Craig. They had a turkey pie with all the trimmings and a delicious Christmas pudding for dessert. Wearing their festive Santa hats given to them by the pub, everyone pulled crackers and had a laugh at the cheesy jokes inside. Everyone enjoyed the food so much they wanted to give compliments to the chef, who came out to see everyone!

“The Christmas meal was fantastic and brilliant, and I enjoyed sharing a bottle of prosecco with Carol,” said Charlotte.

“They all wore their Christmas best clothes and felt very proud to be part of a lovely experience,” said Emily, Senior Support Worker.

Santa also paid a visit to Grimsby, and Carol and Charlotte went to go see him on his sleigh. They both got to meet Santa and take a picture with him, and he even got them both a little gift. The visit really got everyone in the spirit and excited for the big day! Santa had given them both a selection box, which Charlotte saved for Christmas Day.

Over at another service, Andrew and Jane woke up very excited on the big day after Santa had paid them a visit. After getting dressed in their Christmas best, everyone opened up their gifts. Jane got some lovely clothes, and she loved her mittens as they were so soft! She also loved that she was matching staff member Emily in their elf dresses, before visiting her brother to have more fun there.

Andrew received a framed photo of a tiger, some new razors, bath sets and a body warmer! He had some visitors from other services to come to say hello, and enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner with Jimmy and Lorraine cooked by support worker Stuart. Andrew found the cracker jokes very funny, and wants to use his cookie cutter prize to make some shortbread. Everyone had fun singing and dancing to Christmas music before watching some Christmas films- what a perfect day!

“My favourite present was the picture frame of the tiger. I had a very nice day,” said Andrew.

“I had a good day and Christmas Dinner was perfect,” said Lorraine.


South Yorkshire


Crafty queens Karen H, Karen D and Linda made these beautiful snowflakes by upcycling old toilet roll tubes and cotton buds! The group had been saving them over the past few weeks to prepare for their big project, and everyone had fun putting them to good use. Not only do they have some beautiful and unique snowflake decorations, they also helped out the environment by reusing items they’d normally throw away. Everyone couldn’t believe these items could be put to such good use! Well done everyone, what a fabulous idea.

“They were very pleased with the outcome and had fun in the process. The ladies are very proud of what they’ve made and enjoy showing visitors,” said Carla, Support Worker.


The real showstopper of the season was Doncaster’s fabulous Christmas Party, where everyone danced the night away. Held in their local nightclub, everyone had a fabulous time jamming away to Christmas tunes and enjoyed a delicious buffet of sandwiches and cakes.

“I would like to say a huge thank-you to Roxanne who organised the event, and also had the pleasure of being Santa for a couple of hours!” said Abi, Area Manager.

“Wow, we have had the best time working your party,” said one of the bar staff members. “Everyone was a pleasure to serve and seeing everyone have the best time is just amazing. This has been our best night of the year. “

Doncaster sure knows how to party!