Creative Stars Winners – January

Creative Stars Winners – January

Congratulations to our latest round of Creative Stars winners!
Our service user awards celebrate the people who shine brightly and do wonderful things for each other. We have four exciting category winners, who will receive a badge, £30 Love2Shop voucher and a certificate.

Congratulations to this month’s round of winners:

High Flyer Award

Mandy C, Swinton

This month, our High Flyer Award goes to Mandy who has made incredible progress since moving into her own home, becoming more independent and trying new things.

Mandy enjoys cooking her own meals and getting her hair cut regularly. She has also built up the confidence to start going out and about in the wider community, including places she is unfamiliar with.

Well done Mandy and keep going, you’re unstoppable!

“Mandy has shown an unbelievable amount of progress since moving into her own home.”

Positivity Award

Edwin Prince, Doncaster

Eddie is such a welcoming and happy person. People look forward to being in his presence; he’ll invite a friend in for a chat and they’ll
leave with a big smile on their face.

Not only does he love to make people laugh, he really tries to make the most out of the week as if each new day has something
special to offer. For example, he often plays snooker, goes shopping or watches a film at the cinema.

Congratulations Eddie, you’re a joy to be around and make the world a cheerier place!

“Eddie helps make a positive atmosphere wherever he goes.”

Eco-friendly Award

Paul Scott, Wigan

Paul is dedicated to being eco-friendly and looking after the planet. He has learned which items are recyclable and which cannot be recycled. Paul always sorts and takes out the recycling on a Sunday evening.

He has also been growing his own fruit and vegetables, which he kindly brings home and cooks for his housemates. Recently, he made pasta sauce from his home-grown tomatoes and herbs! Everyone really enjoyed it.

Thank you, Paul, your kindness shown towards the people around you and the natural environment is inspiring!

“He grows vegetables and brings them home for us.”

Community Champion Award

Simon, Tameside

This month’s Community Champion is Simon, whose kind nature and quick-thinking shone through when he helped another in need. When a staff member became light-headed and fell off her chair, Simon immediately ran to the office and got the attention of other staff on shift who went up to his flat to check on their colleague. She was ok, and Simon kindly offered her a comfy chair to sit in as well as a brew, biscuits, and crisps to bring her energy levels back up.

Well done Simon, your instinct to drop everything and support someone in a crisis is something to be proud of!

“Simon showed his kind and caring nature by looking after the staff member.”

Here are all of our amazing Creative Stars this month:

Thanks to our Judging Panel

Special thank you to our judging panel in Lancashire for deciding this month’s Creative Stars!

If you’re interested in hosting a judging panel, get in touch by emailing or by giving us a ring on 0161 236 0829.


Nominations can be submitted by staff, volunteers, people we support and family members.

Our next round will close on the 29th February, so please submit before this date.

We can’t wait to read your nominations, and we wish everyone the best of luck!

You can find the nomination form on the staff area.