Creative Stars Winners – December

Creative Stars Winners – December

Congratulations to our latest round of Creative Stars winners!
Our service user awards celebrate the people who shine brightly and do wonderful things for each other. We have four exciting category winners, who will receive a badge, £30 Love2Shop voucher and a certificate.

Congratulations to this month’s round of winners:

High Flyer Award

Andre, Bury

Andre is an “amusing, well-mannered and kind” individual, who is always smiling and doing impressions to make others laugh. Over the past few months he has made an excellent transition into the service and has made such an effort to improve his independence and confidence.

From going out to activities such as the cinema and getting new tattoos, to spontaneously deciding to get the bus or support himself to go out for food, Andre has been trying new things and doing an excellent job of managing his finances.

A big goal of Andre’s was to maintain his cooking skills, and he can now confidently cook without support! He took a huge leap and registered for a cookery course, and around the service he’s known as ‘Chef Andre.’ One course wasn’t enough for Andre, as he also expressed an interest in improving his academic skills and has enrolled on to a Level 3 maths course with the hopes of passing his GCSE in the future!

Andre has integrated so well into his community and is achieving his goals to live his best, independent life. Amazing work Andre!

“Andre is an absolute joy to be around.”

Positivity Award

Philip Sankey, Stockport

From the moment he moved into the service, Philip has shown an enormous amount of resilience and positivity and inspired both his staff and fellow tenants. Despite leaving an environment he was settled in, he has adjusted so well to the changes that have happened in his life.

Philip has surprised both his family and staff members with his willingness and openness to a new place, new people and a change in routine, which is shown in his good sense of humour and positivity when being supported by staff.

In a short space of time Philip has achieved so much and everyone is so proud, as are we!

“Philip has shown us all that no matter what adversity we are going through in life, we can overcome it.”

Eco-friendly Award

Adrian Topliss, Doncaster

Responsible and organised, Adrian always makes sure to take his glass jars down to the recycling after washing them. At his local community group, Adrian picks up any litter he sees and puts it in the correct bins.

During warmer weather, everyone at the service gets on their gardening gloves to grow their own vegetables! Adrian loves watering and tending to the plants to produce a range of tasty veg.

Thanks to Adrian’s dedication, his fellow housemates have also been encouraged to recycle more and do their part for the planet. Well done Adrian!

“Adrian has a great sense of achievement from this.”

Community Champion Award

Gerard Bardsley, Michael Ruffles, Philip Sankey, Jake Clough, Faraz Anwar in Stockport

This month, our Community Champion award goes to five incredible service users, who all worked together as a team to overcome the challenges they have faced.

Despite facing the sad loss of three tenants in the space of a year, the group pulled together and supported each other “just by being their amazing selves”, cheering one another up.

They showed one another that just being there for each other and being themselves was enough to support everyone as a group. There is an incredible bond between them, and they have proved that “being yourself is more than enough”. Truly inspiring!

“They worked as a group and did for each other what we cannot do alone.”

Here are all of our amazing Creative Stars this month:

Thanks to our Judging Panel 

Special thank you to our judging panel at Creative Together in Manchester for deciding this month’s Creative Stars!

Creative Together really enjoyed hosting the judging panel for the December nominations. They said reading the nominations “tugged at their heart strings” and spread the message that people should “never give up there is always a positive ending” and “you are not alone.”

If you’re interested in hosting a judging panel, get in touch by emailing or by giving us a ring on 0161 236 0829.


Nominations can be submitted by staff, volunteers, people we support and family members.

Our next round will close on the 31st January, so please submit before this date.

We can’t wait to read your nominations, and we wish everyone the best of luck!

You can find the nomination form on the staff area.