Creative Stars – March

Creative Stars – March

Congratulations to our latest round of Creative Stars winners!
Our service user awards celebrate the people who shine brightly and do wonderful things for each other. We have four exciting category winners, who will receive a badge, £30 Love2Shop voucher and a certificate.

Congratulations to this month’s round of winners:

High Flyer Award

Irene J, Wandsworth

Irene is constantly pushing herself towards new goals. For a while she considered rejoining a Thai Chi group as she used to attend up to six times a week, but she felt she had lost her confidence. Irene managed to overcome her worries and decided to continue her passion for Thai Chi by going to the local club.

Irene has so many other passions too including knitting, gardening, reading and cooking. She attends all of the trips at her service while telling amazing stories, remembering details about everyone’s life and checking in with the other residents.

Irene is a true inspiration. With a go-getter attitude, she enjoys life to the fullest. Thank you for your endless enthusiasm, Irene!

“With a go-getter attitude, she enjoys life to the fullest.”

Positivity Award

Irene, Northallerton

Irene has won the Positivity Award for her optimism and enthusiasm while taking on the challenge to improve her health and wellbeing. She consistently attends Slimming World, demonstrating remarkable discipline.

Her proactive approach to buying and preparing healthy foods shows her commitment to maintaining a balanced diet. She even seeks assistance from staff to ensure she stays on track with her goals, gathering support for her health journey.

This journey has yielded impressive results, with consistent weight loss each week. Her dedication has transformed her; Irene radiates positivity with her contagious smile and newfound energy.

Congratulations on your amazing attitude, Irene!

“Her dedication has transformed her.”

Eco-friendly Award

Richard Green, Bedford

Richard is the environmental champion at his service. He makes sure that their environment is free from litter which not only protects the planet, but keeps it presentable to visitors and the residents.

He keeps on top of the recycling at his service, making sure papers, cardboard boxes and plastics are placed into the correct bins. Richard also encourages other residents and staff to become more aware about issues affecting the planet and how they can also be eco-friendly.

Richard, your commitment to the environment is so inspiring, well done!

“Richard has achieved a lot and influenced other residents.”

Community Champion Award

Kalash Kaur and Pauline Keys, Doncaster

Kalash and Pauline are always keen to offer support to local people and to local community projects. For example, they have developed a positive relationship with their elderly neighbour who lives alone.

Each week on a Monday, Kalash and Pauline take their neighbour’s bins out. On Tuesday, they go into town to pick up her shopping. On Sunday, they offer to make her a roast dinner, so she has a hot meal. Kalash and Pauline also made some Easter Egg baskets for the children at the local primary school.

Congratulations to you both, you should feel proud for bringing joy to your local community!

“It is so lovely to see them give to people in need.”

Here are all of our amazing Creative Stars this month:

Thanks to our Judging Panel

Special thank you to our judging panel in Bolton for deciding this month’s Creative Stars!

If you’re interested in hosting a judging panel, get in touch by emailing or by giving us a ring on 0161 236 0829.


Nominations can be submitted by staff, volunteers, people we support and family members.

Our next round will close on the 30th April, so please submit before this date.

We can’t wait to read your nominations, and we wish everyone the best of luck!

You can find the nomination form on the staff area.