Creative Stars – February

Creative Stars – February

Congratulations to our latest round of Creative Stars winners!
Our service user awards celebrate the people who shine brightly and do wonderful things for each other. We have four exciting category winners, who will receive a badge, £30 Love2Shop voucher and a certificate.

Congratulations to this month’s round of winners:

High Flyer Award

Warrick O, Hyde

The winner of our High Flyer Award is Warrick. He has worked so hard over the past few years, achieving his goal to become the happiest version of himself. Since then, Warrick has been prioritising his physical and mental health, and strengthening his relationships with his family and friends.

He has recently decided to support those around him too. Warrick has applied to become a volunteer, supporting individuals in the community with their sobriety. He also wishes to help others find purpose in their life, either through work or education.

Well done Warwick, your commitment to personal wellbeing is admirable!

“We’re all really proud of his achievements.”

Positivity Award

Sonia L, Worcestershire

This month’s Positivity Award goes to Sonia. Despite overcoming some difficult life challenges, Sonia still radiates positivity. Her sense of humour and optimism is remarkable.

During a trip to Blackpool where the weather was bad, Sonia kept everybody entertained by focusing on all the positives like the chippy for lunch, and told stories on the way home.

Sonia has an “I can do it” attitude. Not only has she recently received a “Star Volunteer Certificate” in recognition of her exceptional contribution at the charity shop she works in, she has also recently been given a second volunteering job.

What amazing person you are, Sonia!

“Sonia radiates positivity.”

Eco-friendly Award

Peter Redway, Leicester

Congratulations to Peter, winner of our Eco-friendly Award. Not only has Peter removed all the litter from the communal garden, but also ensured other residents have a clean communal space to relax in.

Peter has pruned the weeds and bramble bushes, and removed broken tree branches. This means the garden can continue to flourish and new plants can grow.

He taken great pride in making the garden welcoming for other residents and the local wildlife, and everyone is extremely proud of his efforts.

Well done on your amazing contribution to the local environment, Peter!

“Peter has taken great pride in making the garden welcoming.”

Community Champion Award

Eric Tsafack, Leeds

Our Community Champion Award goes to Eric. Eric is a vibrant, gentle and empathetic person who has become a valued housemate and friend since he moved in.

In such a short space of time, Eric has brought so much joy to the communal living space. He is quick to help others with cooking delicious meals and washing up afterwards. Eric eats together with the other residents at his service and shares news about what he has done during the day. He also loves attending events with friends from his service, including trips to Blackpool and Leeds Christmas Market.

Eric has so many interests, from music to travelling around the country. Everyone at his service loves his zest for life and positive outlook.

Thank you for bringing so much life and laughter to your community, Eric!

“It is a pleasure to watch him grow into a lovely young man.”

Here are all of our amazing Creative Stars this month:

Thanks to our Judging Panel

Special thank you to our judging panel in Derbyshire for deciding this month’s Creative Stars!

If you’re interested in hosting a judging panel, get in touch by emailing or by giving us a ring on 0161 236 0829.


Nominations can be submitted by staff, volunteers, people we support and family members.

Our next round will close on the 31st March, so please submit before this date.

We can’t wait to read your nominations, and we wish everyone the best of luck!

You can find the nomination form on the staff area.