Congratulations to The Laurels!

Congratulations to The Laurels!

The Laurels care home in Cumbria brought home a ‘High Commendation’ for ‘Best Use of Technology and Digital Care Strategy’ at the Care Home Awards!

The team were nominated for their excellent use of technology, including sensory devices, elevated bathtubs and taking part in pilot schemes.

The Carlisle team of five, including manager Shirleyann and her team Caitlin, Emily, Stacey and Peter, had never been to London before so they made a weekend of it.

“We left Carlisle Station excited to be representing all the staff at The Laurels,” said Shirleyann. “It was such a nice time from start to finish. We had a lovely meal in Trafalgar Square, following by sightseeing to Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and much more. It was Pride weekend so we also saw a free concert!”

“I had the new experience of going on the Tube, which I’m pleased to have tried but it was quite scary, especially the escalators and how fast everyone walks! I was informed that everyone is so busy in London they don’t speak to one other, so I said hello to many people.”










“The meal at the awards was lovely, drinks were flowing and we were all so proud when our award was called. Peter was reduced to tears, it was such an achievement to see how far The Laurels has progressed over the years.”

“We then had a taxi from the awards, only just catching the train and walking through all the carriages as it moves, we thought we may be walking to Carlisle! As we walked through the carriages we had lovely compliments regarding our outfits, and the staff told everyone that we attended the Care Awards as they were so proud.”

“I would like to give thanks to the staff who couldn’t attend this year for providing such a valuable service while we were away. Working as a team enabled us to attend the awards and represent The Laurels!”

Congratulations everyone, so well deserved and we’re glad you had a lovely weekend in London. Check out The Laurels’ Facebook page to keep up to date with all the wonderful things they do!