Community News #11

Community News #11

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Planting Sunflowers in Doncaster


Over in Doncaster, residents have been showing a real interest in their garden!

They’ve bought a bird feeder and a bird house to attract local wildlife, and Michelle took a trip to the garden centre to buy some seeds and compost.

Michelle bought carrot, tomato and onion seeds, as well as some sunflower ones to brighten up their space. Everyone wrote their names on the pots and each planted a seed- we can’t wait to see how they bloom!

Victoria said, “My favourite thing is watching the robins in the garden since we got the bird feeder. We have ordered a greenhouse and we are going to grow lots of things. I would like to try and grow poppies to remind me of my Grandpa, James.’’

Leanne said, ‘’I liked drawing on my sunflower pot. I wasn’t keen on getting my hands dirty, but I got stuck in. I am going to keep the sunflower on my windowsill and try and remember to water it everyday until its big enough to go outside. I enjoyed working with my housemates and doing something together.’’

We hope you are all looking forward to the greenhouse arriving and planting new seeds on good weather days.


Moving-In Party in Staffordshire


Gen, Alex and Thomas had a moving-in party celebrate their new digs at our service in Staffordshire!

Family and friends came over to have a dance party and celebrate the good news, complete with karaoke and a delicious buffet. Welcome everyone, and we hope you enjoy your new home!







Andrew’s Great Day Out at Blackpool Sea Life


Andrew in Barrow-in-Furness had a great day out at Blackpool Sea Life!

Andrew was joined by staff Shauna and David, who have been supporting Andrew for the last ten years. The group have so much fun making memories and achievements together- here’s to many more!







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