Community News #1

Community News #1

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Nathan’s Boxing Dreams


Nathan in Grimsby has taken up boxing! After enjoying a session at Fusion Boxing, he has set himself a goal to attend three more!

In the session he had a go at punching bags, running between two bags, step ups, and battle ropes. Despite the fact he worked incredibly hard for 45 minutes, he persevered because he wanted to make it to a full hour.

His coach, Raych, said she was impressed and that he is welcome to volunteer in her sessions. Nathan went out for dinner afterwards and bumped into a friend who he was proud to tell about his new hobby.

Not only does Nathan now box once a week, he also goes for walks around his local community. He said doing physical activity has helped improve his mental health.

Keep going, Nathan, you’re amazing!



Valentine’s Day Dance


Service users and staff in Grimsby had a disco to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Lottie and Simon’s birthday!

There was much love in the room. At the party were Lottie, Damon, Kristy, Helen, Angie, Paddy, Jimmy, Callum, Pammy, Rachel, Jane, Andrew, Alex, Simon and lots of family.

After some dancing and eating of tasty sandwiches from the buffet, an announcement was made. Jimmy’s recent sponsored swim

helped raise £200 for British Heart Foundation – what an incredible achievement!

There was also a raffle where Rachel won a fluffy toy dog which she thought was adorable. The Willows Social Club staff were an amazing support and the owner gave a donation as he missed the raffle.

The Club said it was a brilliant afternoon and can’t wait for everyone to return for our next party in March to celebrate Easter. We hope you all had fun on this special day.


Pancake Race


Heather, George and John from Warwickshire gave it their all in the Alcester Pancake Town Races on Shrove Tuesday!

This event, run by Alcester Court Leet, has become an annual tradition. Each participant must run a race while holding a saucepan with a pancake in it!

In their race, Heather came third, John came second and George came first. They received certificates and Easter eggs as prizes. Congratulations, you three!

Despite the rainy weather, participants were cheered on by the community of Alcester and had a great day.

Staff would like to thank Martin Burden, Sharon Constable and Tracey Parkes, from Alcester Court Leet for running this event.



Sonia’s Success


Sonia in Birmingham recently won an award for her amazing volunteering work at Acorns Children’s Hospice!

Acorns Children’s Hospice provides care, support, fun and laughter to children with life-threatening conditions and their families. During a Retail Volunteering Day, Sonia was incredibly helpful, organising stock, creating displays and working on the tills.

“I really appreciate being recognized for my hard work, I enjoyed putting my heart into it. I was happy and enjoyed serving the customers, being polite to them and making their day better. I will hang the certificate on my wall as I am proud of myself,” said Sonia.

Well done, Sonia, sounds like you made a real difference!





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