Celebrating International Women’s Day at Creative Together

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Creative Together

Creative Together invited the Creative Support community to spend the day celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day! Creative Together is a co-produced centre for adults with support needs in Manchester. Members organised an event with self-love workshops on various themes from ‘expressing your style’ to ‘attaining life goals.’

Some stand-outs from the day were Pelumi’s jewellery-making station, Jean’s collage workshop, Helene’s nail bar and Kim’s positive portraits which saw members of the community and public having their portrait drawn throughout the day. RSPCA Manchester & Salford supplied materials for a ‘Second Hand Style’ station and The Menopause Charity also offered free health advice.

Lauren Norton from Creative Together said:

“It was such an uplifting day, right from the moment we opened the doors until the last person left. We welcomed people of all genders through the door to celebrate the amazing women that come to Creative Together, and were supported by some incredibly talented staff to host our workshops. Even a power cut couldn’t stop us from painting nails and making jewellery, and we managed to raise £174 for the two charities that supported us on the day. We plan to continue our momentum with an Art Exhibition in May, and will be inviting our collaborators back to enjoy the space once again.

We want to thank all the amazing people who helped set up the event. Pelumi, Kim, Annabel, Jean and Helene for hosting our workshops; Kate for greeting everyone with a friendly face; Jenny from The Menopause Charity for making information accessible to our members; Grae for taking pictures and speaking to people about what International Women’s Day means to them; Eve, who supported tenants in services to contribute from afar; and Zoe and Claire for letting us take over the centre and serve everyone in the very busy cafe!”

Read on to find out what International Women’s Day means to the staff, volunteers and members of Creative Together:


“IWD is great because it reminds us all to celebrate women in every way. I may not be particularly interested in most stereotypically feminine things, but being a woman is something that is very important to me and something I enjoy to the full. Today and every day, all the women in your life, past and present should be celebrated in whatever way works for you.”

– Kate


“Today is about connection and freedom of speech. I am a strong woman and all the women in my family are strong – it’s hereditary. I believe in Emmeline Pankhurst’s saying, ‘deeds not words’. I can’t sit there and see someone struggle; I open the door for them. I grew up after the war when women had a huge sense of pride, and that continues into today.”

– Carol


“I never normally celebrate International Women’s Day, so it’s nice to do something creative!”

– Eliza


“I’m enjoying displaying my work as a woman. I’ve done very well to achieve what I have I have achieved in the past 12 months. I’ve taught myself to draw and it’s been trial and error, but worth it. It’s so nice to be around all the women at Creative Together. Everyone’s so lovely.”

– Kim


“International Women’s Day is about justice, anti-discrimination and equality for women.”

– Carolyn


“I’m proud of the women in my life – I’m proud of Sara, Tina and the people who help at Creative Together. I love my friends.”

– Edward


“ I like International Women’s Day because I can remind people the population of women is bigger than the population of men. Women must stand for their own rights outside of men, and men must take care.”

– Sara


“I watch the women’s football as well as the men’s. After the pandemic, watching the women win the Euros was a great day. The current manager of the England women’s team is a perfect manager. Young girls have become inspired by her. In 1921, women were actually banned from playing football for 50 years, but next year is the women’s Euros and I can’t wait; this will be a big one.”

– Michael


“I have worked with absolutely brilliant women of all ages for 27 years at Creative Support and I’m so glad to be here today.”

– Maggie