Staff survey reveals staff felt supported during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Staff survey reveals staff felt supported during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have been doing our best to support our valued staff team during the COVID-19 Pandemic, recognising the huge strain the last few months have put on everyone both personally and professionally. To make sure we understood staff members experience, how we were doing and how we could improve we asked all staff to complete our Staff Wellbeing Survey.

We had an incredible 1142 responses, almost 90% of whom added their individual thoughts and comments on top of core responses. The responses show that 88% of staff agree or strongly agree that they have good support from their Manager and 85.5% agree or strongly agree that their Manager supports them with their personal wellbeing.

We asked about communication and 95% of respondents felt they received regular communication about COVID-19 and over 90% had heard about all the various initiatives we had implemented, including the Hardship Grants.

All the staff who answered were really keen to share things that had gone well in their services and we are really keen to share it too. Some of the things that people were really proud of were:

  • Staff being considerate, rising to the challenge and maintaining moral
  • Implementing new service user activities
  • Staff pulling together, communicating well and working as part of a team
  • Mitigating the risk of COVID and having no reported cases in their service
  • Managing to keep the services running to keep service users happy and involved

All of the responses were fabulous to read and we have been blown away by the amazing strength of our wonderful staff team. We have also been really proud to read all the wonderful feedback for various Head Office Teams in supporting our services, so thank you to everyone who shared their experiences.

The challenges experienced mostly show how dedicated our staff have been in this period – upset over losing a loved service user, the pressure of additional hours, confusion over government guidelines, overcoming anxiety & fear, the negative impact on service user mental wellbeing and concern for unwell colleagues. The care our staff have shown for their teams, services and people they support has been amazing to read. There was also some helpful comments about where people feel their experience can be improved by something we can change. We’ve listened to these comments, particularly the challenges around meeting changing government guidance and improving communication, and will try to make the suggested changes.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! We offered £30 prizes to the first 5 staff to respond Kylie Booker, Shannon Nolan, Abby Fawkes, Katie Adams, Samantha Corbett and Jane Hadley won the £50 prize draw. Congratulations all!

Ray Kendall-Corry  Head of Engagement & Learning