Services, we want to hear from you!

Services, we want to hear from you!

Newsletters are a great way of sharing all the fantastic things you are up to in your service. The marketing team have loved hearing about all the ways you have kept the people we support safe and entertained during this time – from arts and crafts and writing, to gardening, sports and even baking competitions!

We want to help you create a newsletter for family, friends and external professionals. At this time, keeping in touch is even more important than ever..

Creating your newsletter

We would like to create a personalised newsletter, tailored to your service.

All you need to do is supply us with photos and information on what you have been up to and what activities you may have planned for the future and we’ll do the rest!

Please download our newsletter form so you can log your stories – we are looking for a minimum of 5 pieces of information with accompanying photos to produce your first newsletter.  If you need some help – see our hints and tips below on gathering this information, including simple guides to taking a good photograph. You can download and print out the hints and tips page for future reference by clicking the button below.

Email your completed form and photos to
and we will do the rest! We will then send you the newsletter to display in your service and share with family, friends and other stakeholders.

Content hints and tips

We know it can be quite a daunting idea to start collating this information on a regular basis, so we spoke to one of our area managers, whose services produce quarterly newsletters. Here are their top tips:

  • Set a date in everyone’s diary to provide one good news story each month
  • At team meeting, set an agenda item for Good News Stories
  • Ensure any key service user outcomes are captured at both supervisions and service user reviews
  • Use the Newsletter Form to clearly log all of this information

Photography hints and tips

Lighting – Make sure you can see everything clearly in the photo, not too dark, not too bright – just right! Avoid glare on the image, which might come from a bright light close by, and if you’re indoors, try to make sure any bright windows are behind you (the photographer) not behind your subject.

Perspective – Think about the angle that you are taking your photo from – try to keep your subject in the centre of the image and consider what is in the background. Flip your phone on its side and take a landscape image, rather than portrait, these fit into newsletters much better!

Focus – Most cameras, including phone cameras, have an auto-focus feature to make sure your image isn’t blurry. On a compact camera, hold the shutter button (the button which takes the photo) down halfway before pressing down fully. On a phone tap gently on the middle on your screen before taking – you should be able to see the image focus before capturing the moment!

Click here to download the Newsletter Form

Click here to download the Newsletter Hints and Tips