Creative Support champions mental health first aid training

Creative Support champions mental health first aid training


National care provider, Creative Support, has its own fully-qualified mental health first aid instructor.

Leigh Fielding, Quality Enhancement Lead, based at Mansion House in Stockport, was already a Mental Health First Aider. Now she has completed rigorous training with Mental Health First Aid England and is qualified to train others.

Leigh trained with MHFA England over a period of three months, ran two training sessions as a co-lead and completed an instructor portfolio to complete the qualification, which is accredited by MHFA England and Public Health England.

She is now training staff throughout Creative Support to become Mental Health First Aiders and says the course is equally valuable for everyone:

“Mental health is part of our overall health so the training can be useful for all of us,” said Leigh.

“If there is an emergency at work you would be obliged to respond to it in the same way as physical first aid but there is always the opt out because the emphasis is on looking after yourself first. I use the analogy, at the start of my sessions, of the oxygen mask in the aeroplane coming down. The instruction is always ‘fit your own mask first’ because if you don’t you’re not going to be able to help other people,” she added.

Leigh says early intervention is important and understanding conditions like personality disorder, eating disorder, self-harm and psychosis are a big part of the training.

“You go away from the course feeling confident that you would spot signs and symptoms of someone who is struggling. You might respond initially but it’s about handing over to the professionals and there’s a lot of emphasis on self-care and de-stigmatisation,” she added

Leigh and her colleagues have already delivered Mental Health First Aid training to the HR team in Head Office, a team of managers and support workers in Doncaster and will be training managers and support workers in Tower Hamlets next week.

Further mental health first aid training courses will be available soon. Training sessions are currently available on request.

According to the World Health Organisation “A healthy workplace is one where employees and managers work together to protect and promote their health, safety and wellbeing and the sustainability of the business.”

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Notes to Editors:

Creative Support Limited is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, providing a range of person-centered services for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and other support needs. Founded in 1990, Creative Support has gained an excellent reputation for its dynamic approach, strong values, and commitment to quality. The organisation is one of the largest national not-for-profit providers of prevention and care services in the country, working in 70 local authority areas, employing 5,600 staff and supporting 7,000 people.