Health and Wellbeing

Last week the government announced new plans which mean that people receiving treatment for cancer will no longer be required to seek employment in return for receiving their sickness benefits. Cancer patients will also be asked to through a simplified process for their Employment Support Allowance where they will only have to supply a GP’s […]

Every week the Creative Support marketing team is inundated with art, crafts, creative writing and particularly poetry from our service users. This is mainly the reason why we are so excited to hold the Creative Support Art Exhibition in September and October 2012 – to show off this talent to people all over the country. […]

Following the closure of an inspirational summer of sports, Dame Kelly Holmes has revealed that she self harmed on a number of occasions before her victory at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Holmes was apparently driven to cut her arms and chest after growing pressure to succeed in her sport, and due to a prolonged […]

Being able to de-escalate one’s own anger and the anger of others is an important skill to have in the workplace. Hopefully, this is not something that you encounter on a regular basis but unfortunately most people at work will encounter either their own anger or the anger of others more frequently than they would […]

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it is always important to stay fit and healthy. Our bodies find it easier to avoid injury if we keep them in a good condition. Take a look at 5 ways for older people to maintain their agility: 1.  Choose activities that you will enjoy, as this makes it easer […]

It fills me with great inspiration to tell you all a little bit about my walk of life. For many years as a young boy I felt like a lost sheep, mainly because I didn’t have a loving, nurturing family to support and guide me. I was always looking for a sense of warmth and […]

We have had an amazing summer of sport and I have been particularly inspired by the Paralympic athletes who are currently adorning our television screens. The London Paralympics have been the biggest yet and team GB are making the country proud – they currently have 54 medals and are number two on the medals table! […]

The Paralympics are now underway and Creative Support has been celebrating by holding sports days for people of all abilities! In Reading, our service users from across the South East have been taking part in activities including volleyball, badminton, croquet, a coconut shy and egg and spoon races. And our North East services got together […]

The second season of the Creative Support and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust football league reached a thrilling climax as newcomers Wigan 1 claimed the title. Previous title winners Café Hub came second, with Wigan 2 in third place. Café Hub forward Callum Marsden topped the list of goalscorers with an impressive 44 strikes, closely followed […]