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Our services focus on promoting recovery, wellbeing and greater independence. We enable people to make progress in these areas by recognising and building on their strengths, coping abilities, social networks and natural support systems.
To achieve these positive outcomes, we work in partnership with the people we support as well as a wide range of agencies and community groups. As a not for profit agency we are committed to using our assets and resources to create new opportunities for the people we support.

The service will offer short term housing related support (up to 2 years) to people aged 16 or over who have complex support needs, including people in crises across the Borough of Gateshead.
The service will provide 200 hours of housing related support on a floating support basis. Floating Support is support that is “attached” to the person, not the property and can follow a service user if they move to another address. The service only lasts for as long as the client needs it, then “floats away” to a different location or service user when the existing user no longer needs it. The service user does not have to live at a certain address to receive the support and can in fact be homeless at the time of receiving. The service will be available 5 days a week from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm excluding bank holidays.

To be deemed as having complex needs a person must have at least two of the following support needs:

  • Be at risk of offending
  • Have substance misuse (drug / alcohol) issues
  • Be at risk of homelessness
  • Have low level mental health issues
  • Have a low level learning disability

The support is housing related, so involves help with the things that a person needs to either gain a tenancy or sustain a tenancy. Some examples include:

  • Advice and support on repair work
  • Access to local community services
  • Culture specific counseling / emotional support
  • Developing domestic / life skills (including maintaining the garden)
  • Developing social skills / behaviour management
  • Help to find other housing or accommodation
  • Help in establishing personal safety and security
  • Help in maintaining the safety and security of the dwelling
  • Help in managing finances and benefit claims (including paying rent)
  • Liaison with Probation
  • Support with any form of harassment
  • Arranging removals or sourcing furniture and equipment
  • Setting up utilities
  • Understanding tenancy agreements
  • Resolving neighbour disputes
  • Ensuring bins are put out for collection
  • Supervising or monitoring medication
  • Shopping for housing related items

Contact Details for Referrals to this Service

Gateshead Floating Support Service
Creative Support
Suite B
47 Jackson Street

Tel: 0191 478 4224
Fax: 0191 478 4952

Supporting Documents

Gateshead Floating Support Referral Process Flowchart (pdf)

Gateshead Floating Support Referral Service Leaflet (pdf)

Gateshead Floating Support Needs Referral and Allocation Policy (pdf)

Referral Form Consent to Disclosure (pdf)

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