Older People

Many of Creative Support’s supported living, residential and home support services provide support to older adults with mental health needs and/or learning disabilities, including individuals with memory loss and age related physical needs, such as mobility issues. We also provide some specialist services for people with memory loss, extra care support for older people living in sheltered housing and a large domiciliary service for older people with a wide range of support needs.

We are committed to supporting older people to retain or regain their skills and independence as far as possible, whilst enjoying wellbeing and a good quality of life. We also seek to support people in enjoying valued social roles and participating as citizens in their communities.

Creative Support’s services for older people promote choice, dignity, respect, privacy and security.  Our staff teams work to enhance each service user’s quality of life, personal safety and mental and physical well being by working closely with other agencies, family members and the service user. They support service users to access community services, as well as a full range of social and leisure opportunities. This is achieved by providing a well planned, personalised service which is flexible and responsive to individual needs and preferences.

We are pleased to work in partnership with housing providers to offer a seamless service to older people. We seek to ensure that the housing provided has the required safety features and assistive technology to provide a safe and enabling living environment that is also warm and attractive to our service users.

Staff within our older people services have experience of providing needs led care and support services for older adults, including meeting personal care needs, dietary needs, supporting people with sensory loss and the use of assistive technologies. Care and support is provided in a very sensitive way to assist people with areas they find difficult due to memory impairment or physical need. Staff make sure when delivering support that they do not de-skill individuals or create dependence, but work in an enabling way. Emotional and psychological support is also very important and we seek warm, patient staff with empathy and good communication skills. We train staff in active listening and emotional intelligence in order to promote psychological well being and self esteem.

Community Links: A Case Study

Our Community Links service in Bradford works with people over the age of 55 to provide occasional assistance when family and friends are unable to do so, and help people to access support in their community.

Wherever possible, we help service users to help each other through our local skill swapping networks, Bradford Shares, Keighley Shares, and Ilkley Shares. Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • Three women who live alone now get together and take turns to cook for each other instead of eating by themselves.
  • People who have had to give up their hobby of gardening due to disability are meeting over coffee at the garden centre to socialise, and use their knowledge and skills to plan community projects.
  • The establishment of a peer-led social club where members play Nintendo Wii Sports and traditional pub games as an alternative to attending day care services.

We offer a number of activities run by and for the over 55s to promote their independence and self-esteem, and to help them avoid statutory services in the future.


“Our 80 plus workforce delivers elderly care in their own homes to 200 clients with a wide range of disabilities and care needs. Our service takes a lot of organisation, which can be challenging, but it is very worthwhile, as I feel we are maintaining and changing the lives of our clients everyday, not to mention the lives of their families who could not go about their daily lives without the help from the care staff who support their relatives.”
Kate Varga, Coordinator, Stoke