New User Information

Details of the ePayslip System

When the payroll department finish a pay run the system will automatically send the ePayslips to your home email address the evening that the pay run has been completed:

a) Weekly pay run; this will likely be the Thursday evening, but it could be Wednesday evening

b) Monthly pay run; this will likely be a day or two prior to the pay date

The ePayslip will be in the format of a password protected (encrypted) pdf document so whatever device you view it on you will need to make sure that a pdf reader application is installed (we suggest Adobe Reader) and set as the default application for the pdf format. All devices will do this automatically, but users can accidentally change this setting so that an incorrect application, such as MS Word, will associate with pdf documents.

More information is available here should you have file association issues on a PC you are viewing the ePayslip (this generally should not be an issue if you have a pdf reader application installed and have not changed default application settings on your device):

For other devices (tablets, smartphones etc) we suggest that you search the internet regarding your particular device and pdf issues (hopefully, this will be minimal).

Password for your ePayslip

The password for your ePayslip will be your home address postcode (as it is on our central system) without any spaces and in capitals and will also have cs91! (in lower case and note the exclamation mark) at the end. Examples:

If your home address postcode is M1 2HF then your ePayslip password will be M12HFcs91! (the password is case sensitive).

If your home address postcode is BB11 0ZZ then your ePayslip password will be BB110ZZcs91! (the password is case sensitive).

Each ePayslip will keep the same password at the time it was sent. So if you change your postcode and it gets updated on our central system then your next ePayslip passwords will change from then on to reflect your new postcode, but previous ePayslips in your email inbox will still have the old password (based on your old postcode).

Who to enquire to about your received ePayslip

Please contact the payroll department via your preferred method.