Mental Health Services

Creative Support has been providing services for people with mental health needs for 20 years now. We have a reputation for providing high quality and best value individualised services that respond to the different needs and preferences of our service users.

Approximately half of our current contracts are for providing services to people with mental health needs and we currently support over 1,200 adults with mental health needs in community support services and supported housing.

Our community support services include specific services for women, young people, culturally relevant support for Asian men and women, respite services for individuals with mental health needs and their carers, services for young people with chaotic lifestyles and specialist services for female survivors of sexual abuse, as well as an outreach team to engage and support individuals with a dual diagnosis living in their own tenancies. We also provide move on and rehabilitation services for people with a range of needs, including support for individuals with severe and enduring mental health needs, as well as older adults with functional and organic mental health problems.

Our supported housing services range in type of accommodation and include sheltered housing, a 24 hour rehabilitation hostel, crisis beds to prevent hospital admission, residential rehabilitation services, intensive support services for individuals resettled from hospital and supported housing schemes.  We also offer specialised services for women, homeless people, African Caribbean men and women and those who have a history of offending. Other services include day services and activity based drop-ins in Manchester, Sunderland, Warrington, Wolverhampton and Worcestershire.

Creative Support is committed to working in line with the National Service Framework (NSF) for Mental Health. Creative Support sees how important it is for service users to have meaningful lives, independent living skills and good self esteem. Our support focuses on recovery and our services work towards rehabilitation for service users, developing skills so that people can take greater control of their lives. We seek to support the person to make progress towards recovery through recognising and building on their strengths, coping abilities, social networks and support systems.

We actively work with each of our service users so they develop the necessary skills to move-on successfully to less supported or independent accommodation with reduced hours of support. We achieve this through thorough assessment, support planning and review procedures, including Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), partnership working with housing providers and creative approaches to setting up good quality move-on options.

All Creative Support’s mental health services promote an all round approach to rehabilitation and work according to the principles of social inclusion and the Recovery Model.  We work towards individual outcomes, with appropriate support in areas such as training, education, employment, emotional and spiritual well-being, maximising the use of existing community facilities and the promotion of independence to enable individuals to move on and take control over their lives. We work closely with the families and friends of service users to build informal support networks and supportive relationships.

Our staff members working in services for people with mental health needs are given training on the Recovery Model in their induction and as necessary during their employment to ensure a positive understanding of recovery. The effective promotion of the recovery approach and use of WRAPs also needs commitment from our service users to engage in a style of action that is service user directed and works by establishing and putting into practice coping strategies, crisis planning, collaborative working and a realistic and effective approach to recovery. This is a model of “co-production” which pools the resources of the service user, their support networks, our services and partner agencies to produce the best possible outcomes for the service user.

“If it wasn’t for Creative Support I would still be living in very bad surroundings. My life is much better since Creative Support started to support me and I am very happy with them. My staff team is the best ever! If it wasn’t for Creative Support and being referred to them, my life would be very different, I think I would be a drug addict.”
Danny, Service User, Greater Manchester

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