Facts & Figures

(Information correct as of November 2012)

Length of time we have been providing services:
We have been supporting service users for 22 years.

Number of service users we support:
Over 5,100 service users (November 2012)

Number of staff we employ:
4,276 full and part-time permanent staff.
Approx. 879 relief staff.

Diversity of staff:
Approx. 19.9% of our staff are from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups.

Number of properties we own:
We manage 484 units of housing.

Number of properties we manage:
We manage 454 units of housing.

Number of housing associations we work with:
We work in partnership with 96 housing associations.

Number of areas we work in:
We work in 55 local authorities in England.

Financial Summary

Year ended 2011 Year ended 2010
£ £
Total Incoming Resources 71.2 million 61.2 million
Total Expenditure 64.2 million 56.2 million
Net Incoming Resources (after transfer to designated reserves) 6.5 million 4.6 million
Total Charitable Reserves 31.4 million 24.8 million