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Care Certificate

The Care Certificate sets out the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected to achieve. The Care Certificate Standards listed below ensure that you will be able to be caring, compassionate and provide quality care. Click on each standard to find out more.

1. Understand Your Role8. Fluids and Nutrition
2. Your Personal Development9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
3. Duty of Care10. Safeguarding Adults
4. Equality and Diversity11. Safeguarding Children
5. Working in a Person Centred Way12. Basic Life Support
6. Communication13. Health and Safety
7. Privacy and Dignity14. Handling Information
15. Infection Prevention and Control

Managers may want to use this Self Assessment Tool prior a new starter commences the Induction at Creative Support, if they have previous experience in health and social care. It is important that employees are honest in their current knowledge and skills against each of the standards as they will discuss the results with their managers to see how you they can refresh or develop new knowledge and skills in different areas.

Assessment of performance – Download here the Care Certificate Observation Record. Once observations are complete, please email the Training Department on so we can update the Certificate to “Competent”.


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