Internal Training

The Creative Academy Induction

All new Creative Support employees need to complete the
Creative Academy Induction on their first day at their service. This consists of an introduction to the employee’s service, a webinar with a member of the Creative Academy team and an afternoon dedicated to completing mandatory e-learning on Bridge.

Click here to access the webinar
(running everyday from 10.30am until 11.30am) (apart from bank holidays and the associated weekends)

Webinar access pin: 835066

Click here to access the Bridge login page
(your username is your 6-digit employee number, and a link to set your password should be sent to you by email on the same day that you are enrolled on the Creative Academy Induction)

Please see the resources below for further guidance on this one day training programme:

Creative Academy Induction schedule

What you will need for the Creative Academy Induction

Creative Academy Induction FAQs

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The Creative Academy Induction