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Staff Training Questionnaire Report 2016-2017

The Creative Academy provides resources and  a wide range of training programmes which are made available to staff in health and social care and service users inside and outside of the organisation. We hold several nationally recognised standards of excellence and have created a positive learning culture within our organisation. As a result, we have an excellent track record in developing our people through to high-level academic achievement.

Our training calendars offer more than 700 days of Internal Training each year. Take a look at our training calendars in our Training Near You section to see the range of training that we offer. We believe that enabling our staff to complete professional training increases their skills, morale, motivation and career development, which feeds into the quality of our services and enhances the lives of our service users. Each year our training calendar is developed as a result of staff and service user feedback and consultation, evaluation of previous training, local quality audits, changes to national awards and as a response to government set objectives and targets.

Creative Academy provides induction (Care Certificate), core values training and also training in mental health, learning disability, working with older people, autistic spectrum, dementia, practice teaching and leadership/management.

We ensure that the correct training is provided to all staff, based on their needs and the needs of the services they work in. Moreover, we have a sophisticated  E-Learning Training Platform where we offer a wide range of courses that can be completed at the learners’ convenience.

All staff also have access to specialist External Training, where necessary, to further develop their skills and confidence in supporting people with physical/mental health needs and learning disabilities.

As well as providing training for our staff, we also offer training to our service users and to external organisations.

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