Keep your essential training up-to-date

The following courses make up the essential training for *all support workers, along with how often these need to be updated in order to maintain standards of care.

First Aid
– Initial classroom session, to be updated every 3 years by classroom or e-learning.

Fire Safety
– Initial training to be delivered by e-learning and full annual fire drills in the service to maintain competence.

Food Hygiene
– Initial training to be delivered by e-learning or classroom (classroom recommended, particularly if the staff members’ job role has a large percentage of food handling). Update every 3 years by e-learning. This training is coupled with Infection Control; both are delivered in the classroom on the same day.

Health and Safety Awareness
– Initial training by e-learning or classroom. No update required, but recommended every 3 years.

Infection Control
– Initial training by classroom or e-learning. No update required but recommended every 3 years.  This training is coupled with Food Hygiene; both are delivered in the classroom on the same day.

Information Governance
– Delivered as classroom based training during Induction for all staff. Update recommended every 3 years.  E-learning is available for all staff.

– Requires an initial classroom session and minimum of 3 recorded, successful observations before being deemed competent to administer. Annual, recorded, successful observations of practice in the work place are necessary to maintain competence. Observations should be recorded and evidence kept in the staff members’ supervision file.

Update required every 3 years, but staff must be aware of their local policies as they may differ slightly due to local authority contract requirements.

Mental Capacity Act &
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
– Initial classroom training for all staff. The criteria for national minimum occupational standards are taught in the 3 day classroom Induction within safeguarding. All staff new to the organisation attend the 3 day induction. Stand-alone courses for MCA and DoLS are available on request and run regularly throughout the year in all regions.  No specific update required, but this can be booked as a refresher course at any point, as needed.

Manual handling (both of people and of inanimate objects)
– Initial classroom session, recommended to be updated every 2 years by e-learning.

Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect
– Initial classroom session must completed within 12 weeks of employment. Recommended to be updated every year by e-learning.

Understanding Values
– Initial classroom based training during Induction for all staff. Maintain with annual observations.

*Staff ONLY need to complete training which is relevant to their role, e.g. if they do not deal with medication they do not need meds training, if they do not handle food they do not need food hygiene training.

The primary method of training delivery for all bank staff will be
e-learning, however if there are any concerns or issues regarding this, classroom-based training is always made available.