Care Certificate – Frequently Asked Questions

A staff member completed the induction in 2016, but left the company and has only just come back. Do I need to book them on the Care Certificate.No.
My new staff members have a Diploma, do they need to do the Care Certificate?Use the self-assessment tool to determine what parts are required.
I am a bank staff, do I need to do the Care Certificate?Only staff new to health and social care who have not completed an induction will complete the care certificate. If you are unsure you could use the self-assessment tool on our website:
I am bank staff, do I need to attend the 3 days of classroom training?Yes.
I have a TUPE staff who has done the Care Certificate with their previous employer, do they need to do it with Creative Support?No. The Certificate is a national standard and designed to be portable… think of it as a ‘passport to care’
Will all new staff be registered on the Certificate by Head Office?All new staff who are new to health and social care…Yes, those that require it will be registered by Head Office. Training will link in with HR to ensure this happens.
How will this feed into the probation process?The Care Certificate is the replacement for the Common Induction Standards and should be treated the same way. It needs to be completed within 12 weeks of registration, which should lead up to the MPR. Then they need to implement what they learn in the period between MPR and EPR. The forms will be changed to reflect this.
How do the staff get their Certificate?When staff get to the end of the care certificate e-learning programme there is an option to download their certificate and print it off. We suggest that you save it electronically as well as printing it. We also suggest that managers in the services set up a folder for each individual staff member in which they keep electronic versions of any paperwork (including PDF certificates) for each staff member. This can be easily accessed during inspections.
How will we know when staff have completed a Care Certificate module – apart from when they tell us?The training team will be able to look at staff Care Certificate record to identify where they are up to.
What about none-care staff?They should be booked onto the 3 day Induction and Manual Handling. Not the Care Certificate.
Is the Induction separate part to the Care Certificate?Yes, they are two separate things. The Care Certificate is the replacement for Common Induction Standards. The 3 Day extra sessions are our organisation’s added value good practice sessions that we require all our new staff to complete.
Do I book staff onto the Care Certificate using an Internal Training Application Form?No. New staff will be booked onto the Care Certificate by Head Office. If you have staff that you think need to complete this but are not new – use the self-assessment tool on the website, or contact the Training Team.
A few members of my team are not confident using computers. How are they going to be able to do the course? Paper versions are available which can be downloaded from our website:
If the new starter is not booked onto the 3 Day Induction training until 1 or 2 months of his/her employment, can s/he start doing the online Care Certificate before? The new starter will be booked onto the Care Certificate by Head Office once we receive the Qualification form and once registered they will be able to start it.
If my staff are part-time, will the time for completion be pro-rated?No.

Keep your essential training up to date

Remember that new staff have to attend an initial classroom session of every essential training.  Most of the updating can be done by E-Learning.

E-Learning courses can be used as refreshers following completion of the classroom based course. After which refresher training should be alternated between e-learning and classroom-based training (i.e. initial course: classroom; 1st refresher: E-learning; 2nd refresher: classroom; 3rd refresher: E-learning etc.)

Emergency First Aid at Work is recommended to be updated by all staff every 3 years.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children is recommended to be updated every year by E-Learning.

Manual and People Handling Awareness is recommended to be updated by all staff every 2 years by E-Learning.

Medication Administration requires an initial theory E-Learning session plus a practical classroom session and minimum of 3 successful observations before being deemed competent to administer. This training is required to be updated every 3 years (E-Learning and Classroom), but staff must be aware of their local policies as they may differ slightly due to LA contract requirements. Annual observations of practice are required to maintain competence, these should be recorded and evidence kept in the staff supervision file.

Food Hygiene doesn’t require updating.