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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What room is my training being delivered in?
All delegates receive confirmation of their training by email. Emails can be sent directly to you if we have your email address. Your Manager will also receive a copy of the email. The email details the title of the course, the date and time the course is due to take place and the location. If the training is at Mansion House it will also tell you which room the training is due to take place.

How do I access my e-learning course?

Once you have successfully applied for an e-learning course, you will be informed of this by the standard confirmation e-mail.
You will then receive an e-mail the day prior to the course start date which will give you a website address to go to and login details to login with to allow you to access the course.

I’ve filled out an application form but I haven’t heard anything – am I booked on the training?
All delegates receive confirmation of their training by email. If your application is declined you will also receive an email. Emails can be sent directly to you if we have your email address.  If you have not received any emails then you should assume you are not booked on the training and re-apply in the usual way.

My email confirmation is going to the wrong service – I’m not there any more.
Firstly, if you have changed services you will need to complete a change of information form from the Personnel Department.  We can change your own email address but unfortunately Training can’t change the project you are linked to.

What if I can’t attend training on the day?
Firstly, you will need to let us know (the sooner the better).  You will also need to let your project know as they will be charged for the place.  You will be expected to give us a reason for non-attendance which will be input into the database.

What happens if I turn up late for training?
If you are going to arrive after 10am, it is unlikely that you will be admitted into the training.  Training starts promptly at 9.30am and by 10am a significant amount of information will have been covered.

There may be special circumstances where delegates are coming from a project that urgently requires training and have been made late by transport issues beyond their control.  In these instances please call the training team as soon as possible to let them know the situation, and the final decision will rest with the trainer.

If you are turned away you may still be able to claim your travel expenses – To do this go to the Finance Department at Head Office (Wellington House).  You should also let your project know at the earliest opportunity as they will be charged for the place.

Can I claim all expenses for the training day?
Yes, if authorized by your Manager.

Is lunch provided for training courses?
No, we do not provide lunch for any training courses although liquid refreshments are available in all training rooms.  However, there is a small local supermarket next to the entrance to Mansion House, where food can be purchased.

How much notice do I have to give if I am cancelling my place on a course?
If you give us a minimum of two weeks notice then the project will not be charged.  Any notice less than two weeks will be charged the full cost of the place.

Is there any parking near Head Office?
There are no parking facilities available at Mansion House for training attendees.  However, there are parking spaces available at the Masonic Guildhall next door, and several car parks nearby.  For more detail please click here: Venue and Parking information – Mansion House.

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