Service User Profiles

Some of our service users in Cumbria have been enjoying the seasonal weather and making the most of the significant snow fall, as you can see in the pictures below. The star of these photos is Stephen. Stephen has a diagnosis of a severe learning disability and autism and due to the risks that Stephen […]

Healthy and Hearty Winner 2010: Andrew Porter Andrew was severely overweight, which was putting extra strain on all areas of his life. He joined Weight Watchers in 2009 and has gone from almost 14 stone to 10 stone 6lbs and has maintained this weight for 6 months. It is great to see a healthier and […]

Money Matters Award Winner 2010: Michael Taylor When we started supporting Michael 7 months ago he had lots of debts and was not paying any of his bills. He has worked with staff to build a relationship of trust and confidence so that he can receive the support he needs and wants. Recently, when Michael […]

I have had a disability since being attacked in 1998. At first I said to my family that there was nothing wrong with me and I didn’t need any help or support. After a period of time things were getting worse for me, my health and for the family. I decided, after a meeting with […]

Just under a year ago, Janet moved out of her parents house into a self-contained, one bedroom flat in a new, purpose built apartment building supported by our Maidenhead services. Janet is very active and very creative. She enjoys many crafts, but particularly knitting and patchwork and she has been knitting since she was 10 […]

Service User Involvement: Give it a go, it can be great fun! I moved into a flat in the Accrington Project in May 2007. One of the things which most impressed me was the way that is was stressed that this was my home and that I had a lot of choice in how it […]

I started attending Breakthrough in 2000 when a support worker of mine suggested going to it. I went to it in Fallowfield for 3 years and had some very good friends there and loved going there a very lot. In June 2003 we came here to Manchester when the Cyber Café was built. I have […]

Paul and Denise have been together for 8 years. They met in a residential home and moved into one of the Buxton Road flats together about 4 years ago. In August, with the assistance of their support workers, they got married in the local Baptist church and had a reception at the Dawley Social Club. […]

Kirsten is a friendly, active young woman with a hearing impairment and learning disabilities. She does not wear a hearing aid, but can lip read and talk. She lives in a self-contained, one bedroom flat in a new apartment block supported by our Maidenhead services. Kirsten chose the decoration and furniture for her flat and […]

  Amita, Elaine, John and Tim all live in a shared house supported by our Camden services. They are all good friends and like spending time together, but also participating in different activities that they each personally enjoy. Amita attends a local day centre. On Mondays she does art, on Tuesdays she does dance, on […]

Janet moved into one of our Stoke services from a hospital service 4 years ago. She was in one of the care home flats until 5 months ago, when she moved into one of the bungalows. Janet chose what colours to paint the rooms of the bungalow, the curtains and other furnishings. ‘I feel like […]

Creative Support has been supporting me for 7 years now. Before this I was drinking and getting into fights and had to keep moving, living in different houses. I was not happy with my family and in trouble with the police. At Creative Support I lived with other guys and they became my friends. Creative […]

I moved into my home here in March 2002. I had lived in residential care before this. Since moving here I am more able around living skills. I am supported to make meals for myself and my co-tenants, I use the kitchen appliances with support from the staff, the oven, washing machine, tumble drier, doing […]

Hello, my name is Chris and I volunteer at an animal care centre. Penny the dog needs a good home and she is lovely. At animal care I clean out the dogs and goats and rabbits. I have worked with the cats as well. Nicola, my Support Worker, comes once a month to take photographs. […]

I have been a Creative Support service user for six years now, so I feel I can speak about the quality of the services it provides to its many and diverse customers. This is demonstrated very clearly by how it seeks to involve its service users in its own staff recruitment, right up to the […]

Ben is 20 years old and has support from our Blackpool office one day each week to access leisure activities and promote his involvement in the community. He has been receiving support for three months now; before this he received no support and rarely left his house. He lives at home with his mother and […]

I enjoy attending the baking classes and meeting people. It helps getting out of the house. I have been a street sweeper for 18 years, but had to stop for a while. With the assistance of my support workers I have returned to work 3 days a week and hope to go back full-time soon. […]

Jude and John first met in their 20s at a Gateway club on Bonfire Night: ‘I found Jude and she found me. We held hands and kissed and a lady told us we must not, as that was the rule, so we left. Then we did our own things and later we were working in […]