Being able to de-escalate one’s own anger and the anger of others is an important skill to have in the workplace. Hopefully, this is not something that you encounter on a regular basis but unfortunately most people at work will encounter either their own anger or the anger of others more frequently than they would […]

Panorama has spent much of the spring and summer months filming in Shadsworth, a deprived estate in Blackburn. The finished documentary was aired on BBC1 last night at 9.00pm with the alleged intention of giving a balanced view of life on the estate. Having watched the documentary I can’t help but feel extremely disappointed with […]

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it is always important to stay fit and healthy. Our bodies find it easier to avoid injury if we keep them in a good condition. Take a look at 5 ways for older people to maintain their agility: 1.  Choose activities that you will enjoy, as this makes it easer […]

It fills me with great inspiration to tell you all a little bit about my walk of life. For many years as a young boy I felt like a lost sheep, mainly because I didn’t have a loving, nurturing family to support and guide me. I was always looking for a sense of warmth and […]

Across the country, adult day services have been changing. This may be due to cuts, but also due to the increasing drive to make services more person centred and innovative. Traditionally, adult day centres have been places for people to socialise, participate in group activities and receive support. Day Centres provide a valuable service for […]

Plans for our service user art exhibition are now well underway. The deadline for artwork has passed and we are seriously impressed by the hard work and talent which is evident in the photographs, paintings, sculptures and craftworks we have received from service users living with a mental health need, or a learning disability. The […]

We have had an amazing summer of sport and I have been particularly inspired by the Paralympic athletes who are currently adorning our television screens. The London Paralympics have been the biggest yet and team GB are making the country proud – they currently have 54 medals and are number two on the medals table! […]

We are really excited to welcome you to our new blog! We intend to update this blog regularly with information on Creative Support: our events, our jobs, our services, our homes and most importantly our people. We will also be using this space to comment on Health and Social Care in the news and media. […]