I recently read an article about a new social networking site called Nextdoor.com that is proving very popular in America. The site aims to put its users in touch with people living in the same area. You register with your address then wait for your registration code to arrive in the post (to verify your […]

In the UK, 70,000 children a year are born with a disability. But while a lot of resources go into ensuring people with disabilities lead full and empowered lives, governed by their own choices, are we guilty of neglecting the unpaid carers who support people with disabilities every day? Channel 4’s ‘Born to be Different’ […]

The chances are, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about ‘The 2013 meat adulteration scandal’, as it has been dubbed. The story first hit the headlines on 15th January when it was reported that horse DNA had been discovered in frozen beef burgers sold in several British and Irish supermarkets. […]

Match.com has the largest number of registered users of all internet dating websites and claim that 1 in 5 relationships now start online. Online dating seems to be coming increasingly popular and it is now estimated that the global online dating industry is worth over £2Billion. There seems to be a growing number of adverts […]

My first day at Creative Support was Monday 18th June 2012. Before then I had worked for a year in a high street bookmakers. When I tell people this they are generally quite surprised although I’m not really sure why … When I took the job at the bookies I had just graduated from University. […]