Thank You Samaritans – For Taking My Call

I phoned the Samaritans – the other day
In a desperate state – I’m sorry to say
I felt suicidal – and wanted to be dead
I needed help – with thoughts in my head

A Samaritan answered – the telephone
They spoke in a quiet – and gentle tone
Their calm voice – I noticed straight away
It was different to mine – I have to say

They said ‘Samaritans – how can I help you?’
At first I wasn’t sure – what was best to do
I wanted to end the call – run away and hide
But I stayed on the phone – and openly cried

Their help and support – I needed to seek
But I had difficulties – trying to speak
My desperate words – just wouldn’t come out
And in the silence – I wanted to shout

They said ‘take your time – I’m here for you’
When suddenly I felt – my anxiety grew
I began to panic – about what they might say
When I told them – I was feeling suicidal today

With tears – streaming down my face
I started to talk to them – at my own pace
It was difficult sharing – at the beginning
As my thoughts – were madly spinning

Everything – was going around in my head
And I needed to share – thoughts unsaid
I needed them to wave – a magic wand over me
So all my problems would come out and be free

Instead the Samaritan – gently guided me through
By asking me things – which was good to do
I managed to talk – about my troubled mind
With ‘A Good Samaritan’ – who was so kind

The Samaritan supported me – on the phone
I felt a lot calmer – and less alone
They never judged me – for what I said
And I felt a glimmer of hope – of a life ahead

I thanked the Samaritan – for taking my call
For helping me – when on a downward fall
They didn’t make – my problems disappear
But they gave me – a caring and listening ear

The Samaritan said – ‘We are all here for you
And calling us – could help you through’
To all Samaritan volunteers – sent from heaven
Thank you for being there 24/7

by Michelle