The Picnic at Middleton Park

“Right that’s it, we are all going to Middleton Park for a picnic today on this sunny August hot day and the sun is shining brightly for us”, said Joe to James.

“I’ll inform tenants”, said James. So James went to go to Lindsey’s, Jonathon’s and Andrew’s flat and told them about the outing at Middleton Park.

“Great”, said Lindsey to James.
“Take your DS if you want”, said James.
“I will”, said Lindsey.

So at 11.30am all the tenants and staff made packed lunches and went to the park. Lindsey took her knitted blanket and DS and everyone was happy to go out on a sunny day to the park for a picnic. Andrew moaned a little bit but finally came out and so did Jonathan without moaning and groaning. Linda was happy to go out in her wheelchair, and the lads took a football.

Joel and Toy looked after Phillip, Neil and Paul. Neil took his golfing things. Andrew didn’t want to take his fishing rod.

Hannah, James and Moses looked after Lindsey, Jonathan and Andrew and Louisa looked after Linda. The large group of girls came together in a group. Joanne, Helen and Jordan skipped to the park smiling away happily. Jonathan and Joe kicked the football to the park and Paul just walked in slow motion smiling with Joel and Toy. Aliphina helped Louisa with the wheelchair. Roban, Kim and Jenny looked after the girls. Jamie wore his Spiderman outfit. David was with his girlfriend, and Daniel was playing with a piece of tissue paper. Gina, Stephanie and Jolene were carrying all picnic stuff in five large baskets with lids on, and Kirsty stayed at the building to look after it and to do some work. Emma also carried a picnic basket.

At the park all five baskets were on the grass and Lindsey’s blanket was on the grass.

Hannah, James and Lindsey sat on the blanket and rest of the staff were giving food out like crisps, pop and sandwiches to everyone. They were all enjoying themselves.

Afterwards, Lindsey played on her DS, Neil and Joel went to play golf and the girls and lads kicked the ball to each other and had a game of football and Linda was smiling happily. The staff joined in to played football except for Hannah. Hannah stayed with Lindsey, Linda, Andrew and Jonathan.

The time was 1.30pm one Saturday in August and it was hot – there was no wind or rain at all – just red hot sunshine and everyone had sun cream on and at the park quite a few people were there with their dogs, taking them for a run around the park.

Everyone had enough food and the five baskets were empty – no food was left over, and all plastic plates, cups and cutlery went in the bin with bags of rubbish.

Andrew and Jonathan walked back nicely back to home with James after two hours and Lindsey stayed longer on her blanket playing on her DS with Hannah.

After half an hour the girls, lads and staff went back home and so did Lindsey.
“I’ve enjoyed myself this afternoon”, said Lindsey to Hannah.
“Good I’m glad”, said Hannah.
“So have we”, said the girls and lads.
“Good”, said Louisa.
“I have too”, said Linda to Louisa.
“I’m glad you have”, said Louisa.

Joanne, Helen and Jordan didn’t say much but they enjoyed playing with the football. Daniel, Jonathan and Jamie were shouting at each other, and Andrew and Jonathan cheered for them all. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves at the park.

By the time everyone were back home they were tired, had teas and relaxed for the rest of the night and Lindsey because she was sitting on her blanket, she had the energy to go on her Wii and danced to her game, till eight o’clock in the evening.

By Lindsey Jenkins