Scary Movie!

One day at Creative Support they were making a film called ‘The Return of the Witch’. But not that long after the film was being started a spectre appeared!

It said, “Abandon this production or you will turn to stone!”
BANG! And then he went.

“What was that?”
“Well, looks like a ghost or should I say Phantom?”
“But what did he mean about stone?”
“Can’t say really.”
“What do you mean?”
Director: “Well, two months ago a person gave me a package. And I opened it. But it let loose this ghost!”
“So who gave you the package?”
“Look, it was delivered by the owner of the movie company.”
“Oh! Okay!”

Owner of the company: “I sent a package to the director, but it was supposed to go to the security guard.”
“And why was that?”
“Well, I was having to pay everyone double money after my second company went down because of a ghost!”
“So you’re saying the same ghost that haunted the movie company studios is now haunting us?”
“Yes. Let’s just say he knows something but doesn’t want to talk about it.”

“Let’s go back to the movie studio where the Phantom struck first. He may have left a clue behind. Look – a torn-up paper. And look at the name on it – C A M E R A M A N. Looks like he was at both crime scenes.”
“But one look at this – a note addressed to the director saying ‘Our mystery person is our main man or woman’. Let’s check out Creative Support.”

Phantom: “ you will suffer the evil power!”

“He’s gone! Oh no – now it’s A MUMMY!”
A mummy appeared.
“I have to hide… spirit rise, spirit fall… turn the one who sent you to stone back!”

“David!” said James, “NO!!!!”
“But where’s the mummy?”
“He’s…. gone!”
“And where did you just go?”
“Who, me?” said James.
“What, you think I had something to do with this mummy?”
“Why would I want to help a ten thousand year old Mummy?”
“Maybe he isn’t a ten thousand year old mummy!”
“Well, remember when the ghost said ‘evil’… then the mummy just appeared. And then that crew member from the film disappeared. And then while he has gone… David has been turned to stone!”

“Well it all fits but we just can’t prove it.”
“Unless we get proof. Hey look.” James pointed and they watched from a distance. “A man signing a cheque over to the film director.”
They approached him.
“You again!” he said. “What do you want? This time?”
“That cheque please!”
“Oh come off it, you can’t prove I did anything.”
“Okay. But I will want the cheque back after you solve this creepy mystery.”

The Phantom had appeared again.
“What the..? Oh no, trouble’s back!”
“Come to me,” the Phantom said, “I want you, James.”
“What, me? What do you want me for?”
“Have you forgotten about the time you trapped me in that coffin?”
“You mean… the one in the basement?”
“Yes that’s the one.”
“But no-one has been near that coffin since we trapped you.”
“Well, I am back and I am on the move for revenge. Because this time when David comes out of the stone he will be a Mummy too!”
“You won’t get away with this!”
“I am going to!” BANG!

But then the cameraman said, “Mummy! Go to the bank and I will keep an eye on these two here.”
“Hey,” they protested, “you can’t do this!”
“But I already have, right now. The Mummy has about seven villains under his control to do his crimes for him, and frame you all while we take our money to a secret hideout.”
“Yikes! It’s the Mummy!”
The Mummy: “Not long ‘til the second one now.”

James: “No, that’s not going to happen. Only two mummies. What happened to the bank people? Let’s look around for clues.”

“Grrrrr…” They heard inside the bank. “Intruders again! Phantom, deal with them!”
James said, “Oh no, it’s his brother!”
David said: “Oh my God! It must be Spectre!”
Spectre: “I’ll be back for you at Creative Support!”
James: “Hmm, looks like Spectre has something to do with this mystery, but what? Look here… a note! It looks like we are going to be having an unwanted guest. So we better set a trap for him!”

Then a voice said, “Don’t you mean his army?”
“Oh, I forgot that! RUN!!!”
They ran from the phantom. “Now I want revenge,” he said.
“Stay back, Mummy!”
“No way.”
“Okay, you asked for it!”
They trapped the Mummy. “No, let me go.”
They realised the bandages were fake. If only they could find a way to turn the people back. But the only one who knew how to do that was the master criminal, whoever that was!

“Hey, let that go! Look at this: ‘How to Contact the Dead’, ‘How to Do Black Magic’, and ‘How to Do Ghost Imitations’! So… looks like our little friend here has been a nasty person. Haven’t you? Not saying anything? Well, we will leave it ‘til we find your buyer, or the leader of the gang. Our suspect is heading to the person with the book. They are talking about the attack at the studio.”
“I should’ve left!”
“What do you mean?”
“When I signed that contract with the studio.”

“Well we still can’t figure out who created the Mummies.”
“I did.”
“Well let’s see who the cameraman really is.”
“I am a detective, working undercover for the last five months on a film case.”
“You mean this?”
“Yes, by posing as a member of the crew I could get in unnoticed. Until you lot arrived trying to solve a ghost mystery, and put me in the frame!”
“Who else could have done it?”
“Go back to when we saw the book get handed over.” They looked at the camera footage. “Look what he does, he tries to look for a spell. And watch what happened to cause the wind to move on its own. Not really – he tried to make the Mummies return. If you read the spell it says ‘the one who was a threat to you, turn them to stone’.”

“So that guy wearing the mask is our man!” said James. “If we can find him. But we better watch out! Mummies may be out there again!”

Soon they tracked him down.
“There he is!” They leaped on him.
“Hey let me go!”
“Great work!”
“So… who is this man?”
James took off the mask and said, “Let me introduce you to… CAMERAMAN! The master criminal. But why?”
He growled. “I was sick and tired of always making a movie in a studio, and never got what I wanted, a pay rise!”
“So why did you not just quit?”
“Because the director couldn’t afford a new cameraman.”

And that was his story, he wanted a pay rise! By scaring the Director he thought to put the film on hold and make sure nobody came in. He came up with the Mummies idea to zap David and James.

“David, you’re back!”
“Yes, no thanks to the cameraman after he made us solid stone!”
“Well,” said James, “looks like no more movie will happen. All I wanted was a movie done somewhere else!”
“Well, maybe we can have a talk with the director.”
“Never!” said the Director. “I want the cameraman sent down! He made my movie on hold for at least five months!”
“Well actually, you’re NICKED!”
“Detective Menzies!” They called over the detective.
“What’s going on?”
“This guy had five bags of stolen contraband in his trailer!”
“But I thought I got rid of them after I sold it to the company!”
“Yes, they smuggled the contraband over.”
“Okay,” the studio people admitted, “we sent them and told the cameraman to shut down the operation so our smuggling operation would not get involved with the film company.”
“Well, where you’re going you won’t need to worry about managing your office anymore. After 35 years to life sent down in prison!”

By James McKay