Halloween at Brandling Court – A Short Story

At Brandling Court on Halloween night there was a large black cauldron in the middle of the car park with carrot and coriander soup in it with a ladle. A black cat was sitting on the edge of the cauldron purring away. There was no witch. Helen, Joanne and Jordan came out of the house. The cauldron was on a cooking stove and the soup was lightly cooking and all three young ladies had one hand each on the ladle and stirred the soup and Daniel and Jonathan came out and put some mixed herbs into the cauldron to make the soup tastier. Tables were around the cauldron and most of the staff and tenants were dressed up in scary costumes.

Hannah had her camera and took photos in each house. The time was now 6.30pm and the soup was simmering and would be ready for 7pm. Jonathan and Andrew had a pumpkin each and Jason was dressed up as a vampire with fake blood teeth in his mouth which was scary indeed. Joe was a demon, Edefe, Joel, James and Wayne were dressed up as devils. Joel was dressed up as a skeleton. Hannah was a female vampire with two white fangs in her mouth and wearing a long blonde wig. Louisa, Donna, Kirsty and Trisha were witches, they had their faces painted green and had a wart on their faces that made them look real. The rest of the clan had normal clothes on and just had a mask to make them part of the evening.

At 6.55pm everyone was sitting at a table. David Stewart had a Halloween story tape and put it on and had it on all through the night because at 7pm Donna, Kirsty and Louisa served up the soup and ate outside in the dark. Candles were on tables. Serviettes, spoons, glasses of wine and bottles were out too.

“Come on Lindsey give us a cackle”, said Hannah.

So Lindsey gave out a little cackle then laughed amusingly and everyone laughed with her.

“Isn’t Lindsey good at cackling”, said Hannah.

“Yeah, she’s great”, replied James.

“Thank you”, said Lindsey with a smile and cackled again. Everyone laughed. Emma pretended to cackle but it wasn’t good as Lindsey’s.

“Lindsey cackles all the time”, said Jonathan.

“She does it all the time”, said Andrew.

“She laughs and laughs” said Jonathan.

“At nothing”, said Andrew.

“Yeah she does”, said Daniel.

“All the time, she does” said Jonathan.

“Enough of that” said Hannah.

So everyone was having soup on this Halloween night and everyone made ‘boo’ noises.

The cauldron was steaming and steam went onto Trisha’s glasses and could not see out of them so she wiped them with a serviette.

By the time it got to 8.45pm everyone had eaten up and got cleared away. Kirsty, Louisa and Donna cackled but it was not as good as Lindsey’s cackle. At 9pm some staff went home and everyone else stayed in. By 11pm Jonathan stayed up to watch a Halloween movie and everyone else went to bed. As for the whole evening everyone had enjoyed themselves.