Aminals 1

Vampire bats giggling and wiggling their bums
Aardvarks in hammocks eating gin pickled plums
Weasels on skateboards delivering pizza
Rhinos sunbathing (in thongs) in Ibiza

Lambs using hoola hoops and swirling their hips
Sloths eating wasps (in a chilled bed bug dip)
Gophers in loafers and yellow bow ties
Mean looking pandas … with guns strapped to their thighs

Camels in leg warmers and ten gallon hats
Moles making coleslaw in huge willow vats
Hysterical hyenas riding bareback on horses
Cows test flying jets (for the American forces)

Aminals 2

Fireflies in sun shades and bikini clad bees
Hippos with custard smeared on their knees
Foxes in raincoats and blue shower caps
Gorillas in longjohns with big baseball bats

Fishes in dishes with long golden spoons
Chimps taking pics of the man in the moon
Ducks playing hopscotch … all hopelessly drunk
Cats painting landscapes on elephant trunks

Porcupines yodeling with ants in their pants
Turtles with slingshots holding up banks
Frogs in clogs and red woolen mittens
Dogs knitting jumpers for bald orphaned kittens

Aminals 3

Penguins with trombones in sild 3 piece suits
Bears in tiaras playing the flute
Meercats in jumpsuits leaping from trees
Rats playing snooker with overcooked peas

Owls in nightgowns taking mid-morning naps
Otters in speedos and pink shower caps
Giraffes in straw bonnets and long purple pants
Aggressive old badgers in world war two tanks

Lions in golf caps juggling giggling mice
Deers in tutus prancing on ice
Apes in snorkels and red wellington boots
Baboons playing cricket (they look rather cute)

By Wesley Rodgers