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The Stationmaster – poem by Gordon Bannister

What is Creative Support? – poem by Gordon Bannister

Regret – poem by Wesley Rodgers

Changing Moods – poem by Wesley Rodgers

A Special Place (Creative Support) – poem by Edward Brown

Aminals – poem in 3 parts by Wesley Rodgers

Jayden– poem by Sharon, Wolverhampton

Lost Budgie House – poem by Duncan Hewitt, Breakthrough Creative Writing class

I Saw a Ghost in the Barbershop – poem by Jonathan Last, Creative Writing class

Into The Vortex – short story by Dale Hyde

Never Confused Friend – poem by Lorna Hadidan, Creative Writing class

The People of the Moon and the People of the Sun – poem by James Hughes, Creative Writing class

Someone Just Like You – poem by Nick Rose

The Picnic at Middleton Park – short story by Lindsey Jenkins

Scary Movie! – short story by James McKay

Thank You Creative Support – poem by Anita

Halloween at Brandling Court – Short Story by Lindsey Jenkins

The Stag – poem by Gordon Bannister

A Princess is Born – poem by Tony Brierley

Thank You Samaritans For Taking My Call – poem by Michelle