Breakthrough Holiday to Howe Top

Eight Breakthrough members supported by Karin and Dave went to Howe Top in Windermere the 22nd – 26th September on a ‘Healthy Eating, Healthy Living’ holiday.

We walked to the lake and I took black and white photos all the way down to it. The scenery view from the house was brilliant. There were birds of all sizes at the lakeside and swans and doves.

We ate different healthy meals every evening. We had pasta, shrimp, fresh salmon, baked potatoes, vegetables and blueberries and red berries. We had apple pie and custard. I drank lots of water and decaf teas.

Everyone was very happy and jolly all week. It was sunny every day and hot on the last day. Me, Eugene and Ben, and Simon, Karin and Dave climbed an 800ft high hill and Karin took our photos at the summit. We all cheered when we reached the top and felt exhilarated.

We went horse riding for just over an hour and it was my third time. We all enjoyed horse riding a very lot. Karin took photos of us all on our horses in a line at the end of our rides.

We went to the John Peel Inn and another larger pub in the evenings. We walked to Windermere and I went for a scone and teas with Caroline and I went with her to several charity shops while she bought souvenirs to take home. I bought ‘Sisters’ by Danielle Steel and an 8 inch magnetic board game for my nieces.

I loved going on the The Tern and The Swan ferries to and from Ambleside. We all went to the zoo on the Friday and saw the beautiful tigers, monkeys, speckled bears, giraffes, rhinos and the cute 1-month-old baby rhino, and the lions asleep and the wild pigs. Then we travelled home very happy, driven by our excellent driver David.

Duncan Hewitt

We went to the aquarium and on the steam train. We have seen the water fall, which was a great sight to watch. The zoo was one of the best I have ever been to; you could almost touch the animals.

The house was great as always. Great view from the house. The meals were great and the chefs get the thumbs up.

It was very nice getting up early in the morning to see the mist on the water and the sun going down at night.

Eric Allen