Activities & Opportunities

Howe Top Holiday Home

Creative Support places great importance on service user involvement in the development of our services, both on a local and a company level. The Service User Steering Group contributes to the corporate Business Plan and action plans are developed to include service user suggestions, such as the purchase of ‘Howe Top’, a five-bedroom holiday home in the Lake District. […]

Breakthrough Cyber Cafe

Creative Support has provided a day service in Manchester called ‘Breakthrough’ since 1997. The Breakthrough service offers a special range of resources for development and social opportunities based around a range of leisure, health, education and training activities in different locations. The main service is located in the city centre and has a cyber café, lounge area and activity rooms: a kitchen, art room, dark room and computer room. […]

Service User Involvement

Creative Support sees service user involvement as essential to the success of our services. We are committed to involving service users in all aspects of service delivery, recruitment, project development, management and quality assurance. Since Creative Support started we have found many ways to involve our service users, including: […]

Service User Creativity Galleries

Creative Support has seen that creative activities such as art, sculpture, knitting, creative writing and photography help to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our service users. Participating in these activities helps people to resolve problems, develop communication and social skills, manage behaviour, reduce stress and increase self-esteem and self-awareness. They are, of course, also relaxing and fun! […]