Personalised Services

Creative Support is committed to the principles of the personalisation agenda as set out in the Government’s papers: ‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say, ‘Valuing People’, ‘Valuing People Now’ and ‘Putting People First’.

We understand that the adult social care system is changing and we support the thinking that:

  • People have a right to self-determination
  • People have a right to services personally tailored to their needs
  • People have the right to shape and buy in their own services
  • There should be strong self-advocacy and family and carer support and involvement

We believe that individualised, person centred planning is the foundation for truly personalised services. It empowers service users to take control of their lives – they tell us what they want from their support and how their goals are going to be achieved. Self-directed support adds to this, putting people in control of their funding and of the decisions on how best to meet their needs.

Creative Support has embraced alternative funding models as put forward by the In Control project (self-directed support, Individual Budgets), which enable people to exercise more choice and control over their support and we already support a number of service users with Direct Payments and ILF funding.

Any of our service users assessed as eligible to receive a Direct Payment are supported to access local advice and brokerage services to buy in the support of their choice.

We work with service users who have Individual Budgets and who choose to be supported by us, to make the most of their allocated budget, and to meet their needs in person centred and creative ways. We believe it is vital to involve family, carers and advocates in this process to ensure people are really able to tell us what they want and what works best for them.

We welcome enquiries from service users and their families or carers who are interested in receiving support from our agency using their individual budget. We will work with you to develop the best support package possible to meet individual needs.

For further information and details on who to contact, please read our Personalisation Brochure and area leaflets available for download below:

Creative Support Personalisation Brochure

Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Services

Blackpool Floating Support Service

Morecambe & Lancaster services

Please check this page regularly as more leaflets will be added.