Creative Academy is moving to Stockport

Earlier this year we moved to our new Head Office building in Stockport after nearly twenty years in Manchester, now our Learning & Development team will be joining us in Stockport.

We are excited about being reunited with our colleagues at Creative Academy. As of Monday 17th July, our admin team will be based at Wellington House and the majority of our training will take place at Mansion House (two buildings down from Wellington House!).

Creative Academy will also be using The Quaker House (next door to Mansion House) for additional courses.

Both Mansion House and The Quaker House are located within walking distance of Head Office and Stockport Train and Bus Stations, there are excellent transport links from Manchester to Stockport and back.

Our telephone and fax numbers will remain the same along with our email addresses. If you have any queries about your training being relocated please contact us:

Telephone: 0161 238 7664

Fax: 0161 228 0560

Email: training@creativesupport.co.uk


Wellington House – Training Administration

Creative Support Ltd, Wellington House, 131 Wellington Road, Stockport, SK1 3TS

Mansion House – Training Centre

Creative Support Ltd, Mansion House, 173 – 191 Wellington Rd South Wellington House, Stockport SK1 3UA 

Quaker House – Training Centre

Creative Support Ltd, Quaker House 2 Cooper Street, Stockport SK1 3QL




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