Creative Support Bradford scores well on CQC Report

We are delighted to announce that our Bradford service performed extremely well in CQC report.

Our service in Bradford provides a home care service for people living in Bradford. 21 people have used this service between the months of February and March 2017. The CQC report found that the service had continued to maintain it’s ‘Good’ rating, and had improved in the ‘effective’ section to score a ‘Good’ as well. In addition, we are pleased to report a rating of ‘Outstanding’ in the ‘Caring’ section.

What gives a ‘good’ service rating? 

  • People and relatives need to provide very positive feedback about the service they are receiving. And we are happy to announce that our Creative Support Bradford services received feedback that the services were safe and the staff were skilled and very caring.
  • Staff need to be recruited safely and there needs to be enough staff numbers to ensure people receive a reliable and consistent service.
  • Medicine needs to be safely managed and person centred plans put in place.
  • People were supported appropriately to eat and drink. And, people’s healthcare needs were asses and the service worked with health professionals to make sure these are correct.

Above are some of the main reasons why a care organisation can achieve a good rating. We are so pleased that our Creative Support Bradford services performed so well and the people we support have confidence in us too.

We’re so proud to score ‘Outstanding’ for our care and support in Bradord

Here’s what the CQC had to say about the support we deliver at this service, and why we managed to score an ‘Outstanding’:

  • The service was very caring.
  • People and relatives said staff were exceptionally caring, kind and treated them with a high level of dignity and respect. We saw examples where staff had gone out of their way to help people and demonstrated a high level of dedication to ensure people’s comfort and wellbeing was maintained.
  • The service was very good at ensuring people remained independent. We saw exceptional support had been provided to help people stay at home for longer and support goals were routinely evaluated and celebrated by the service.
  • People were listened to and their views used to shape and improve the service.






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